Doctor Who season 10 Everything you want to know

Doctor Who season 10 HD Images download, Doctor Who 2017 Latest Pics, Doctor Who Star cast
Doctor Who season 10 HD Images download

Doctor Who season 10 Everything you want to know : The popular and one of the top rated BBC One’s sci-fi TV show Doctor Who is scheduled to premiere 10th season on April 15, 2017.Doctor Who season 10 release date has been confirmed by various media channels.The TV show, first launched in 1963, has always grappled hearts of its audience quite warmly and lovingly for years. The 10th series is one of the most awaited series of the show as of now. People have been waiting for it for months. The Doctor season 10 is set to have as many as 12 episodes.


Story Plot

Doctor Who season 10 HD Images download, Doctor Who 2017 Latest Pics, Doctor Who Star cast
Doctor Who season 10 photos

The spoilers have already released the plot of the series. According to the recent reports, the TV show will we see, Doctor Who, with Nardole, investigating the New York branch of a research company – Harmony Shoal. The two will be accompanied by the journalist Lucy Fletcher. During their investigation, it will be uncovered that the Harmony Shoal is secretly transplanting alien brains into humans. But, before the three uncovers the mysteries they are spotted and arrested by one of the alien workers. After some uprush, the three are rescued by superhero known as the Ghost on the show. Ghost is the alter ego of Grant Gordon. Grant was accidently turned into a superhero by the Doctor Who when he met him for the first time, several years ago, when Grant was a child.

The investigation continues and Nardole and Doctor discover an alien ship. Which is later turned into a bomb posing threat to the peace of New York. The bomb is crafted as part of the plan to implant the alien brain into world leaders. The focus is obviously to take complete control over the world. But Grant successfully balks the explosion after revealing his identity to Lucy with whom he, later on, announces his love for.

A short romantic scene then prevails followed by sudden shrugs of the hideous activities if brain transplant. To watch all this nomadic we may have to wait a little long for its makes to announce the episodes air date.

Doctor Who season 10 cast

Doctor Who season 10 HD Images download, Doctor Who 2017 Latest Pics, Doctor Who Star cast, Doctor Who 2017 HD Pictures
Doctor Who 2017 HD Pictures – Pearl Mackie as Bill

The cast of the series will be the same with some changes here and there. The role of Doctor Who will be played by Peter Capaldi who has been playing the role since 2013. However, soon after shooting for it, Capaldi us rumored to step down, which means we might not see him in the next series. Steven Moffat, the showrunner is also likely to follow the footsteps of Capaldi. Jenna Coleman will be replaced by Pearl Mackie, a British actress, singer, and dancer, as the Doctor’s new companion, Bill Potts.

The 10th series will also see the return of Michelle Gomez as the villainous Missy. And we may also get to see Matt Lucas playing the role of Nardole. Besides, there will also be various stars will also be seen making guest appearances. Doctor Who season 10 cast will also include guest appearances by actors such as David Suchet as a mysterious figure called The Landlord. Stephanie Hyam will also make a special appearance.

Doctor Who Season 10 Episodes Download

Here is Doctor Who season 10 all episodes release date and air timing. You can watch these episodes online on given link. Or you can also download full episode any time. We are also trying to provide Doctor Who episodes in Hindi dubbed for Indian fans. Hope you will enjoy out new series. Here is the complete date and timing with series name and star cast.

265 1 “A Star in Her Eye” Lawrence Gough Steven Moffat 15 April 2017 TBD TBD
TBA 2 TBA Lawrence Gough Frank Cottrell-Boyce 2017 TBD TBD
TBA 3 TBA Bill Anderson Sarah Dollard 2017 TBD TBD
TBA 4 “The Haunted Hub” Bill Anderson Mike Bartlett 2017 TBD TBD
TBA 5 TBA Charles Palmer Jamie Mathieson 2017 TBD TBD
TBA 6 “Extremis” Daniel Nettheim Steven Moffat 2017 TBD TBD
TBA 7 TBA Daniel Nettheim Peter Harness 2017 TBD TBD
TBA 8 TBA Wayne Yip Toby Whithouse 2017 TBD TBD
TBA 9 TBA Wayne Yip Mark Gatiss 2017 TBD TBD
TBA 10 “The Eaters of Light” Charles Palmer Rona Munro 2017 TBD TBD
TBA 11 TBA TBA Steven Moffat 2017 TBD TBD
TBA 12 TBA TBA Steven Moffat 2017 TBD TBD

Source : Doctor Who season 10 Wiki

Doctor Who’s New Companion – Bill Potts:

Bill, the new companion of the Doctor Who is amateur as compared to his previous companions and this quite visible from the trailers online. What more enhances the character is Bill’s ability to turn down offers. Bill is not someone that can be impressed easily. The new companion is funny, vulnerable and geeky. But, this companion is not at all quite.

Bill asks many questions and throughout the season we see her making end number of questions. We can say that Bill will be the voice of viewers, the questions as by her during scenes will be somewhat similar to the ones coming across the mind of watchers. Mackie is the lucky one to get to play the role of Bill. She was selected for this role from 70 actors competing for the role.

Doctor Who 2017 latest news

The Doctor Who season 10 has been in news since 2016. The wait time of the series now seems to have ended with April approaching near. Fans of the show (Whovian) have been passing their time watching the repeat telecasts of the Doctor Who series. It’s time for them to take a break from their routine to do something different. As later they might get too engrossed with the latest Doctor Who’s series. As per the news, Doctor Who season 10 release date is April 15, 2017. But it will first be broadcasted on the BBC America. The first trailer for the series was premiered at the end of the 2016 Christmas special, “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”

In the 10th season of the Doctor Who, the audience is sure to be stay glued to their TV sets with Doctor Who’s shenanigans. If you have been thinking where to watch online think no more as the TV series just like it previous series can be watched on BBC One website. As the episode video will be uploaded there and on various streaming sites. And of course the show will be aired on TV as well. However, the episode air date has not yet been released. The Whovians will have to wait a little longer to know as when their favorite show goes on air.

Tidbit About the Season

The promotion of the Doctor Who season 10 was commenced in 2016 with a feature film introducing the Doctor with his new companion Bill. In season 10 we won’t get to see any more of Clara as her character ended in the episode. When she was revealed to be lady behind rescuing Doctor Who. The season will also get new writers and directors. This season will see a limited number of writers such as Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat. As far as the direction is concerned, the first block will be directed by Lawrence Gough and the second block by Bill Anderson.

With all these details in hand, it will be interesting to see how the show will go and what will be its reception. Well, we will have to wait until April to know about it. The Doctor Who’s success has been great for decades. And it is hoped that Doctor Who season 10 will be loved by its fans like always. Doctor Who season 10 show timing has not yet been announced.

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