Meet the New Cast Members of “13 Reasons Why”

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The new season of “13 Reasons of Why” is going to be under production. This time Netflix is coming with 7 new faces for this season. Yeah there will be some new members in star cast. There is no further announcement of new story but it will revolve around the lawsuit filed by Hannah’s parents. If you already watch the previous season then you eagerly waiting for the new one. Here on Tracksify you can get the complete detail about the show. So meet 13 Reasons Why new cast members.

13 Reasons Why New Cast Members

You can see these cast members in upcoming season. Here we include the details of 13 Reasons Why new cast with their role.

Anne Winters

Anne Winters, 13 reasons of why new cast
Anne Winters            Source IMDB

She will play Chloe, the “it” girl at Liberty High and the new head cheerleader.

Bryce Cass

Bryce Cass, 13 reasons of why cast
Bryce Cass        Source IMDB

He will play Cyrus, an edgy, cynical mischief maker who serves as an unexpected champion of the downtrodden.

Chelsea Alden

Chelsea Alden, 13 reasons of why cast
Chelsea Alden                   Source IMDB

Alden will play Cyrus’ sister, an artsy and witty girl who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Allison Miller

Allison Miller, 13 reasons of why cast
Allison Miller     Source IMDB

She will play Sonya who is a smart and ambitious young litigator.

Samantha Logan

Samantha Logan, 13 reasons of why cast
Samantha Logan  Source IMDB

She will play Nina who is a well-respected track star with a secret.

Kelli O’Hara

Kelli O'Hara, 13 reasons of why cast
Kelli O’Hara      Source IMDB

She will play Jackie who is a passionate advocate for victims of bullying.

Ben Lawson

Ben Lawson, 13 reasons of why cast
Ben Lawson          Source IMDB

He will play the beloved baseball coach at Liberty High.

In Conclusion
So this is all about 7 new cast members of 13 Reasons Why for upcoming season. Check out our site for more info about the show latest episode news. But first of all share this article with your friends on the given social media.


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