The Great Indian Murder (2022)

The Great Indian Murder- A story that will overwhelm you

We all love watching movies and web series. It is one of the biggest parts of the entertainment industry across the whole world. Everyone has a particular genre of movies or series that we love to watch. Today this article is the perfect read for the mystery and thrill-loving audience and also for the people who love to see crime movies or web series. Today we bring to you the web series named The Great Indian Murder which is yet to be released. It has a lot of sparks and expectations surrounding itself. No other series that had their release on an OTT platform had so much spark among the audiences as this web series does.

The Great Indian Murder Wiki

So there is a huge amount of spark for this particular web series and a lot of expectations are surrounding this series. So we are going to give you an insight into this web series. We will be mentioning the cast, producers, executive producers, directors, and where the story is adapted from. We will also give a bit of insight into the story of The Great Indian Murder which is going to release its first season with nine episodes on the OTT platform named Disney+ HotStar.

Some Basic Information

  • The genre of the Web Series- It is a Crime Mystery Drama kind of a web series.
  • Adapted from or Based on- The story of this particular web series is adapted from the book named Six Suspects which was written by Vikas Swarup.
  • The people on the Screenplay- There were three very efficient people in the portion of the screenplay of the web series. Their names are- Tigmanshu Dhulia, Puneet Sharma, Vijay Maurya.
  • Director- This web series is directed by one of the people who were in the Screenplay that is Tigmanshu Dhulia, a very well-known director for his attractive way of movie-making.
  • Composer- The composer of this particular web series is Ketan Sodha.
  • Country of Origin- As you can see just by looking at the name of the web series the country of origin of this web series is India.
  • Language- It is originally made in the Hindi language and is dubbed into a couple of different languages named Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Bengali.
  • of season guaranteed to be released- Only one season is sure to be released by the 4th of February of this year that is the year 2022.


Here is the trailer of the Great Indian Murder Web Series.


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The Great Indian Murder Series Crew

Some basic information about the Production team

  • Executive Producers- There are a total of seven people who are the executive producers of this particular web series. They are Priti Sinha, Namrata Sinha, Amod Sinha, Gaurav Banerjee, Shrey Oberoi, Varun Malik, Nikhil Madhok.
  • Producers- The producers are the big names in the whole Hindi film industry both as on-screen performers and also producers. The name of producers of the web series named the Great Indian Murder is Ajay Devgan (who Has got many box office superhits) and Priti Sinha.
  • Cinematographer- The cinematography of this web series is said to be promising and that is also a reason why there are so many expectations surrounding this web series. The name of the cinematographer of this Crime Mystery Drama is Rishi Punjabi.
  • Editors- In total,the editing team for this web series was led by one very well-known editor in the Hindi film industry, he is Prathamesh ChandeUnnikrishnan Payoor Parameswaran.
  • Camera Setup and Production Company- Multi-Camera and ADF & RLE Media.

The Great Indian Murder Series Cast

The name of the whole cast and their role in the web series

  • Richa Chadha as Sudha Bharadwaj
  • Pratik Gandhi as Suraj Yadav
  • Ashutosh Rana as Jagganath Rai
  • Raghubir Yadav as Mohan Kumar
  • Sharib Hashmi as Ashok Rajput
  • Paoli Dam as Shabnam Saxena
  • Shashank Arora as Munna
  • Amey Wagh as Arun Deshmukh
  • Jatin Goswami as Vicky Rai
  • Mani PR as Eketi
  • Vineet Kumar as Ambika Prasad
  • Kenneth Desai as CM Shashikant Vohra
  • Rucha Inamdar as Ritu Rai
  • Liam Macdonald as Larry Page
  • Himanshi Choudhary as Rita Sethi
  • Guneet Singh as Manjot
  • Deepraj Rana as Prithvi
  • Vivek Mishra as Guru Atmadev
  • Kali Prasad Mukherjee as Debu Da
  • Parinitaa Seth as Sandhya Rai
  • Kumar Kanchan Ghosh as Sharad Jalan
  • Ronjini Chakroborty as Champi
  • Nikita Grover as Prerna
  • Madhuri as Shanti

Other Cast

  • Ashish Shukla as Brijlal
  • Rajat Bhagat as Lallan
  • Deeptesh Das as Dhingra
  • Garvit Jain as Aryan Bansal
  • Kundan Negi as Mr Bansal
  • Shiva Kumar as RP Bansal
  • Hemant Mahaur as Billu Biryani
  • Hemendra Sharma as Shiv Patel
  • Neelu Dogra as Varsha Sikri
  • Priyansh Sehar as Vikas Bharadwaj
  • Bernard Dafney Jr. as Abebe
  • Johanna Devi Anthuber as Lizzie Hart
  • Reyan Singh as Jatin Kanakia
  • Lokesh Pandit as Jugal Kishore
  • Rushad Rana as Prateek Bharadwaj
  • Sanjay Browne as Pranjal Dass
  • Sachin Kaushik as Inspector Punia
  • Hemant Agarwal as Hawaldar Rajbeer
  • Moss Ali as Michael Busari
  • Tanmay Ranjan as SP Arvind Sinha
  • Anand S as Muthuswami
  • David Raja as DCP Chennai
  • Nanditha Sreekumar as Rajagopal’s Wife
  • Sakshi Benipuri as Ishwari
  • Namita Bharali as Meetu
  • Deboprasad Haldar as Mr. Banerjee
  • Partha Mitra as Ghoshal Babu
  • Arushi Saxena as Surabhi
  • Himanshu Dhulia as Commissioner of Police – Delhi
  • Niiya Kumar as Sunaina
  • David Brown as Dr. Nikhil Wasvani
  • Khursed Lawyer as Dr. Diwan
  • Shailendra Srivastav as Pal Ji
  • Surbhi Shrivastava as Malti Bai
  • Darshan Jain as Young Vicky Rai
  • Paresh Agarwal as Chhattisgarh MLA
  • Amit Kumar as Chhattisgarh MLA
  • Rashmi Sachdeva as Vidhan Sabha Speaker
  • Rupak Kathpalia as Supreme Court Judge
  • Sapna Dutta as Supreme Court Judge
  • Namrata Chopra as Supreme Court Prosecutor
  • Neeraj Kalra as Supreme Court Defense Lawyer
  • Prakash Rajput as Sukhi
  • Mangal as Cop Chhattisgarh Forest
  • Gazal Sood as Menaka
  • Mayur Bharti as Gunshop Owner

The Great Indian Murder Series Story & Plot

Vicky Rai is a 32-year-old man who is the son of the Home Minister of Chattishgarh, Jagannath Rai( In the Story). He is also the only owner of the whole Rai Group of Industries. He got a win in a case in which he was accused to have raped and then killed two home shelter girls. Due to this win, he asked his friends to come and celebrate with him at a party that he was going to organize. At that party, Vicky Rai was murdered by someone in cold blood. There are six suspects in the murder and the story revolves around who the real murderer is. Hence getting the name The Great Indian Murder.

The Great Indian Murder Series Videos

Here are the videos of the web series. You can watch the complete episodes on the Hotstar.


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The Great Indian Murder web series got fabulous reviews from the critics. Ashutosh Rana and Raghubir Yadav did a fantastic job in the series. Richa Chadha also did their part very well and audience will surely love her. Pratik Gandhi who got fame from the web series ‘Scam 1992’ got his second web series with Hotstar.


The Great Indian Murder Web series got a very goot rating from IMDB and other rating websites.

IMDb – 8.2/10                                           Rotton Tomatoes – 3.5/5

Tracksify – 8/10                                         NDTV                       – 3/5

Box Office Collection

This web series is aired on the Hotstar and their box office collection is 20 Cr till now.

Season 2

After the great success of season 1 The Great Indian Murder Season 2 will be release very soon. First of all subscribe to our newsletter. Kindly get in touch with us, we will surely upload all the necessary info about the web series. You can give your feedback in the comment section.

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