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Sacred Games Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Episodes, Review & Ratings – Finally the wait is over, sacred games season 2 has been officially announced and it is soon coming to the screens. Sacred games season 2 will be officially released on 15th of August, 2019. What a big day it is going to be as there are many special events on 15th of August.

Sacred games season 1 was one of highest seen web series of Netflix in India and the reason was its twist and aggression. The plot of the web series is violence and suspense, the story is about the past history about rising gangster of Mumbai and has been taken from Vikram Chandra’s 2006 novel, the story has been portrayed brilliantly by Anurag Kashyap the director of sacred games.

Many things to celebrate on 15th and yes sacred games season 2 will be special one. We all remember the season 1, it was finished over massive suspense and all of us are living with that suspense from last 1 year. The most exciting thing is to imagine the things and possibilities about the upcoming twist in sacred games season 2.

There are many special characters and Gaitonde being everyone’s favorite, in the trailer of sacred games season 2, we saw some clips about Gaitonde as well and that made the wait even deadly because in last season Gaitonde was shown dead.

Everyone is hoping for the return of Gaitonde and he will return, this is for sure because Gaitonde is the core of sacred games season 2. The things become really tough to imagine the series without Gaitonde.


Sacred Games Season 2 Cast

Sacred Games Season 2 Cast

All the characters on sacred games season 1 played their role marvelously and everyone was really impressed by the performance of every character. Not a single character was underrated and everyone paid off their values.

There was some great acting performance by Nawazuddin Siddiqui who played the main character of the web series which is Gangster Gaitonde and we all know the famous dialogues by this character.

Another important character named Sartaj Singh was played by Saif Ali khan who was Mumbai police inspector in the series and Gaitonde contacted Sartaj regarding some things. Saif Ali khan was taken as surprise when the public watched him but after his performance he was praised too.

In sacred games season 2 there are some new characters which has been introduced and they are going to play ban very important role as well.

Firstly the character Guruji, whose cameo was also introduced in season 1, will play very important role in season 2. The character is played brilliantly by one of finest and versatile actors of our industry, Pankay Tripathi. In the series the Guruji is known as third father of Gangster Gaitonde and the Guruji is going to handle Gaitonde will be an interesting plot to watch over.

Secondly, a whole new character has been introduced by the writes in season 2 which is Batya Abelman which will be played by Koechlin. It is said that this character has direct connection with Guruji and Batya Abelman will have some very important connection with Gaitonde and Guruji. Either directly or indirectly the character is going to affect the lineup and plot of the story.

Sacred Games Season 2 Release Date

The viewers was waiting for sacred games season 2 from very long time and sacred games season 2 release date has been finally announced as 15th August 2019. The release date is colliding with many other events or we can say that the day was planned to get collided.

On the same day there is Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan in India and there are many bollywood movies also releasing as the patriotic day has great value for the nation.

Sacred games season 2 release date was announced after a lot of planning and after facing a lot of leaks. It‘s very obvious that if any event and web series will have that much hype than there will be many leaks and rumors about that. By clearing all the leaks and rumors finally the wait is over and audience will be getting the sacred games season 2 on 15th August.

Sacred Games Season 2 Episode 1

What will be situations and circumstances of sacred games season 2 episodes 1, one thing is sure that the first episode will be a boom. There could infinite possibilities about the things that can happen in episode one.
There are many guess about it; the first episode will come up with some previous clips of season 1 as it is really important to understand the connections between season 1 and season 2.
We suggest to the audience to watch season 1 first before going for sacred games season 2 episode 1. Else nothing will be understood by anyone, you will just roam here and there asking about why this happened and who are they?
Sacred games season 2 episode 1 will introduce the new characters and their roles, there will be many hints about what will be happening in coming episodes as well.

How to Download Sacred Games Season 2

As Netflix is the official network of this series and its illegal for you to download Sacred Games Season 2 on torrent or any where else. There will be no episode available of Sacred Games Season 2 on YouTube. So don’t waste your time anywhere and just purchase the monthly or yearly subscription plan of Netflix, as they are providing them on very cheap rates and everyone can afford it.

In Conclusion

Whatever happened in season 1 and whatever will be happening in Sacred games season 2 will be only for entertainment. One should not connect themselves with them as these kind of web series carry a lot of harsh words and violence in the.
Sacred games season 2 will be all about the story of Ganesh Gaitonde that how he continued his journey of becoming one of biggest Gangster of Mumbai.
There is no doubt that the whole web series, “Sacred Games” is a master piece by Anurag Kashyap and it was beautifully written by Vikram Chandra. These are those kinds of shows which bind the whole nation and the kind of suspense and thriller action is just wow.
Many other copied the genre of sacred games like Mirzapur and many others but the kind of success sacred games achieved was not enjoyed by any other web series

Do comment below and let us know about your guess and the possibilities you imagine for it.

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