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Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes, Quotes, Sms, Images and more 

Raksha Bandhan 2020 : Raksha Bandhan is one of most valuable festivals of India and Hindu mythology which shows the love and bond between brother and sister.

From the name one can easily understand the motive of the festival, “Raksha” which means to protect anyone and “Bandhan” means a bond to protect one and boundations. The overall meaning which comes out from the word is to protect someone with a bond or so called love bond.

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Raksha Bandhan 2020 will be celebrated on August 3rd and on same day Independence Day of India will be celebrated.

According to the Purans and ancient books on this day the sister ties “Rakhi” to his brother being symbol of love and protection and in return the brother promises the sister that he will protect her and her dignity for lifetime.

The festival is celebrated with lots of love, sweets and decorations and as being a Hindu festival, Raksha Bandhan is widely celebrated in the whole nation.

The modern trend also involves giving gifts to their sisters as the main thing which ultimately matters is the happiness of the family and sister. There are many brothers which do something special on this special day. But on other had there are many which could not even reach their home to tie a Rakhi with her sister due to some work or studies.

Then the question that comes on every brother’s mind is how any brother can make her sister feel special by not being in home. There are many such methods like video call or by Raksha Bandhan images and many other.

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Raksha Bandhan is the day when the siblings got the chance to meet each other and show their love as the modern lifestyles hardly allow any of us to meet with our siblings and hence the special day helps in the reunion of the family.

The importance of the day can be understand by knowing the fact that there are many companies, colleges and other institutions which gives special holiday so that people can travel to their home and celebrate Raksha Bandhan with their loves ones and family members.

What is Raksha Bandhan ?

Also, on Raksha Bandhan the government gives national holiday as everyone knows the importance of the festivals. The festival comes yearly and celebrate in the month of August widely called as “Sawan” in Hindu mythology.

There are many questions that rises by just listening the word Raksha Bandhan and we will try to answer some common and important questions about it.

  • Raksha Bandhan is not only banded to Hindu mythology, the festival is all about love of brothers and sisters and it can be celebrated in any caste, creed and religion despite of any discrimination.
  • The main motive of Raksha Bandhan in to spread love to brothers and sisters and there are several ways to show love to their loved ones depending on their choices and mentality and it is not important for anyone to follow any trend as the ultimate which matters is the happiness, just try to make them happy.
  • Raksha Bandhan cannot be only celebrated by the biological brother and sisters or by the blood relations, the festival is about the care and love and any women can tie Rakhi to any man as this is a symbol of showing care and love to them.
  • There is a government holiday on Rakhi on every year and this right for any employee and student to get the leave and holiday.
  • Another important thing to understand is that one should not get influenced by anyone and please don’t to compare you way of celebration with anyone. It’s your day of happiness and you should celebrate it on your own norms despite of any pricing and value of anything.

Raksha Bandhan 2020

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Every year comes with new excitement for Raksha Bandhan and there are always new things which can be implemented in the festival. As mentioned above, Raksha Bandhan 2020 will be celebrated on 3rd of August on the same day India got independence.

Being two important festivals on the same day will take the excitement level to whole different level as both the festivals are really important for any particular and to the nation. On one hand the people will have the happiness of tying Rakhi with their sister and on other hand the happiness of being independent.

Rakshi and Hindu Mythology

 According to the Hindu mythology there is something special as the stars and planets will be on their happy edge. As Hindu mythology in affected a lot by the positions of stars and planets and there are many things which are decided by these like what will be the dates and time for Hindu festivals.

As being modern culture and now a day there are many women who tie Rakhi to men without having any blood relations and breaking all the religious and discrimination bonds. For example Raksha Bandhan 2020 will be highly influence by the Indian army as there will be many women who will be tying Rakhi to them. This will help the people to show their love towards Army and also the Soldiers will be glad with it.

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Many NGO’s and other organizations also do some Rakhi workshops in which they help some unemployed people and physically challenged children to make handmade Rakhi and you should purchase Rakhi from them as this will help in more conversion for those children.

These kinds of things make the Raksha Bandhan 2020 special as we can see a lot changes and a lot of unity which is increasing on yearly basis and this kind of changes is positive which is good for our society.

There are numerous reasons that Raksha Bandhan 2020 is going to be special. But still here are some important reasons as listed below for more clarifications.

  • According to Hindu mythology the places of stars and planets will be on nice making the pray and willingness more efficient.
  • Raksha Bandhan 2020 will not be just bound to tying Rakhi to biological relatives, the modern trend have given some flexibility and hence this coming Rakhi the people will break many taboo.

Raksha Bandhan Images

Happy Raksha Bandhan Rakhi Pictures

The role of images is really important to understand for those who will not be coming to their homes for the Raksha Bandhan festival and there comes the importance of Raksha Bandhan images. Sometime love for your sister and brother can be shown over whatsapp or any other social media platform just by sharing images with nice message.

Rakhi Images Creative Ideas

The Raksha Bandhan images can contain some message or some cute images; there could be images of some nice moments of brothers and sisters captured randomly and these kinds of images with some nice thoughts can do miracles and this can bring smile on each other faces by not being together.

For the one’s not being in same country and for any reason if they are unable to meet with their brother and sister, sharing Raksha Bandhan images are really important as there has to be some filler in the brother sister relationship on Raksha Bandhan.

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By not being together on this festival there are still many things and many ways to show the love, and the fact is there has to be something and some way to show the love. One can’t just sit at home not being together and thinking about the past happiness and being sad after that. Rather than having sadness of not being together, share Raksha Bandhan images and at least try something to make each other smile.

Raksha Bandhan is a complete festival about love of brothers and sister and on this day if they will be unhappy than all the excitement and long wait of Raksha Bandhan will become a complete waste.

Everyone wait for the festival and we want to finish this wait on a good note for sure and hence even just not being together you can share your love by sharing lovable Raksha Bandhan images.

How to Create Raksha Bandhan Images ?

Now the question that comes in mind after reading this section is why we are saying that much about sharing the Raksha Bandhan images? And what can be the ways to make these images look more creative? Here are answers that you are searching for.

  • The best you can do with the Raksha Bandhan images is just keep them original. Try to select a cute or random image with sibling and share it with them.
  • The other option if you’re creative and you want your images to look different than you can make some edits in them. Those edits can carry some additional small images of Rakhi or sweets or any other related thing to the festival.
  • Another creativity that you can go for is to select family image and add quotes on the image and share those images in your family group. Mention your sister over it followed by a cute message, yes this sound a little bit cheesy. But one can be cheesy on this special day if you want some smiles on each other’s faces.
  • The last option that can really work is to select multiple numbers of images and prepare a slide show of them. You can select at least 15 to 20 images and if all the images will be together than that is going to be the icing on the cake. The slides can also have some cute background images and make sure to choose the lyrics that should match with the motive of the slide.

Raksha Bandhan Quotes

Happy Raksha Bandhan Quotes

Raksha Bandhan quotes are again very beautiful and elegant way to show the love while not being on this special day. As well said by a person the best way to express love is to express it via text. And Raksha Bandhan quotes become one of best options to make each other feel special while not being together.

Making the Raksha Bandhan quotes by your own will add great value as you can describe some past incidents and narrate it with quotes, we are sure that this will do the trick.

It is really important for brothers and sisters to make each other feel special even if you both are both together on this day. And Raksha Bandhan quotes with some together images can help you. There is one thing for sure that nothing can match the level of love and excitation that each other will feel while being together. But if you are not together than there has to be some fillers and something to cover up with.

Raksha Bandhan English Quotes

And Raksha Bandhan quotes can be really good filler when it comes to cover up, great text has great power and bunch of words can help in delivering great impact. Words have really great powers and we will suggest you to try every possible way to feel each other special as the day comes only once in the year.

How to write Raksha Bandhan Quotes ?

Now the question which matters most is that that the quotes should be and what could be some key elements in that? What should be some attractive points in the Raksha Bandhan quotes? These are some common questions which are rarely answer by anyone, so here are all the answers-

  • Make the Raksha Bandhan quotes attractive by adding some past incident and mix them with some rhyming words so that the words can be impactful and can bring up instant smile of the face of your loved ones.
  • First of all If you cannot make the quotes and you lack in knowing the correct value and places of the words than simply make bullet points of the incident. At last add any quotes which can be copy as there will be some cop content allowed for your quotes.
  • And if you are looking for more creativeness in your quotes than we will suggest you to design the quotes in Microsoft Word. Choose wishing template in that and then narrate your incident and place some quotes at the end.
  • Also if you want more impact than all the other options than take a printout of the template designed in word and attach a together image. Place some flowers and send these in a envelope through post. Trust us this trick will definitely work and the kind of impact this option will deliver cannot be imagined. We will suggest you to plan this before 4 or 5 days of Raksha Bandhan as the post can take days to reach. The duration will depend on the sending location as well so plan accordingly.

Raksha Bandhan Wishes

Raksha Bandhan Hindi Wishes

Wishing each other becomes necessary because wishing means the starting of celebrations, the whole procedure of Raksha Bandhan is nicely design. Raksha Bandhan wishes play an important role in the process.

There can be several methods and mode of whishing each other depending upon the choices, mentality and location of each other. But the most important thing is to wish each other as Raksha Bandhan wishes gives a different feel and a nice aura to the festival.

Either on can wish after waking up in the morning or a face time with other or send text message. Go for any methods but wishing has to done as everyone waits for Raksha Bandhan whole year and without a loving wish the festival will loose its importance.

Yes the modes can be different and there can be different methods as well. But make sure not to loose the excitement and importance of the festival.

Happy Raksha Bandhan Hindi Quotes

Raksha Bandhan wishes can also have much creativity and if you want to do something out of league and trend . Then you have to add up some creativity but those creativity completely depends on your mentality and your way of thing. We will be definitely sharing some creativity ideas but again the original and real always gives best results.

Best Wishes on Rakhi

Here are some creative Raksha Bandhan wishes which can help you to do something different from others.

  • Try to add pre-celebrations gifts while wishing and by the word pre-celebration we are trying to say that you can start giving some small gifts before Raksha Bandhan. Deliver your final and last gift at the time you will be wishing your sister, “Happy Raksha Bandhan” or “Happy Rakhi”. And if you have a younger brother or you want to feel special to your elder brother than you can also give him series of gifts and deliver the main gift at the time of wishing.
  • Everyone loves chocolates and you can add some chocolates while wishing. Chocolates should not be the main gift as this will be really disappointing for anyone because chocolates are really common now.
  • Another cool way of wishing each other will be delivering small messages or quotes on specific interval of time period like one hour or two hour. Every time you are sending the text don’t forget to mention Raksha Bandhan wishes and how much you love each other.
  • You can schedule gifts from a website or any shop and ask them to deliver gifts on hourly basis and sit your loved one and enjoy the smile over their faces. Don’t forget to tell them what to mention on the cards.

In conclusion

There are infinite ways to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your family. There are multiple options to celebrate while not being together but the thing which ultimately matters is the happiness and excitement.

Raksha Bandhan is a festival of love, care and bond and while celebrating we have to also protect the importance of the festival. There are certain boundaries and limitations for every festival and the things should be complete in that boundary.

Also we all are drifting towards modernization and development but while adapting the western civilization we should not forget our ancient civilization. There are many things which have been influenced in good directions due to the modernization in our Raksha Bandhan festival. But bringing that much changes which will demolish its core will not be right.

Happy Rakhi 2020

 Everyone has different size of pocket and everyone has different way of thinking and perspectives. Hence no one should get influenced by anyone, do the things in the way you are comfortable with because if you will not be happy and comfortable. How can you expect that you can deliver that happiness to your loved ones? The question has the answer it and understands the value of your comfort zone.

Don’t let the situations and excuses to overcome, there are always path for any situations. If you are not at home then look for any other way to make your loves ones feel special, there are many such methods has been listed above with steps. The motive is to make you understand that put the efforts in making the day beautiful rather than being sad. We should always focus on what we have rather than what we don’t have. On Raksha Bandhan 2020 do every possible way to make your brother and sister feel special.

The ultimate thing with matters in every Raksha Bandhan is your brother and sister is happy at the end and every legitimate way is allow to do so. We all do many sacrifices for our loved ones and there are some things which we cannot understand to them. We can at least plan a day for them and do all the possible way to make the day memorable.

There are many quotes, text and images available on internet, use them and make a good surprise. And let your siblings know that how much you love them. Happy Raksha Bandhan to all.

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