Narcos : Mexico Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Episodes, Reviews and Ratings

Narcos Mexico Season 2 Cast

Netflix Original Narcos Mexico Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Episodes, Reviews and Ratings

Narcos Mexico season 2 release is just imminent even though no official release date has yet been announced on Netflix. Netflix Narcos Mexico season 2 wasn’t announced in December 2018. Now you can expect an update on the show’s release anytime soon. Narcos Mexico season 2 release date is something that all fans will be looking forward to as this show is the stand alone crime drama in Netflix’s collection. The Mexico context started as a part of the fourth season of Narcos. Then the producers decided to have Narcos Mexico as a separate companion show.

Release Date

Narcos : Mexico 2 release date is not announced yet. So it may be expected the previous season it may come in November or December 2019.

Plot and Story

Narcos Mexico season 2 plot would again be in context to drug cartels active in Mexico in the 1980s just like the first season. The plot is basically centered round the Guadalajara drug cartel prevalent in Mexico in 1980s. The story revolves around the exponential rise of this drug cartel and how an empire is built from there. Narcos Mexico season 2 trailer is yet to be released but you can expect it anytime now as it’s been a while since the second season was announced. Stay tuned to know about the trailer release as and when it is out! You wouldn’t want to miss the trailer for sure, would you?


Narcos Mexico Season 2 Cast HD Poster

Narcos Mexico season 2 cast will without a doubt have Diego Luna playing the narco kingpin Felix Gallardo along with Scoot McNairy as agent Walt Breslin from DEA. For the entire length of season 1, McNairy was the mystery narrator and his identity was only reveal towards the end of the season. Besides these two, Tenoch Huerta will be starting as  Rafael Cara and Isabella Bautista, Felix’s girlfriend will be played by Teresa Ruiz.

Narcos Mexico Season 2 Cast – Check out a look here

  • Michael Peña as Kiki Camarena, a DEA agent who garners valuable intel about Félixs organization.
  • Joaquín Cosío as Ernesto “Don Neto” Fonseca Carrillo
  • Diego Luna as Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, the leader of the Guadalajara Cartel and founder of the modern Mexican drug trade
  • Tenoch Huerta as Rafael Caro Quintero
  • Matt Letscher as Jaime Kuykendall
  • Alyssa Diaz as Mika Camarena
  • José María Yazpik as Amado Carrillo Fuentes (reprising his role from Narcos)
  • Aaron Staton as Butch Sears
  • Lenny Jacobson as Roger Knapp

Here we mentioned some popular characters and cast of Narcos : Mexico Season 2. You can check complete cast here.


Narcos Mexico Season 2 HD Poster

The trailer is going to be release soon.

Narcos Mexico Season 2 Episode 1

Narcos Mexico season 1 was all about the upsurge of the modern day drug empire in Mexico. It focused on the real life Narco, Felix Gallardo who is a former Sinaloan police officer. He later turns into a drug lord and builds his empire around drugs. Kiki Camarena, a DEA agent gets abducted, brutally tortured and ultimately killed in season one and his death triggers a war on drugs. Scoot McNairy then takes over the mantle of chasing down Gallardo and he also pledges to bring justice to the perpetrators of Kiki’s murder. It’s only towards the finale of season 1 that the identity of Scoot McNairy, the narrator revealed.

Narcos Mexico season 1 released in November 2018 and it contain 10 episodes in all. These episodes directed by various directors with Josef Kubota and Wladyka being the directors for the first two episodes. Andres Baiz being the director of the next two episodes. The finale episode director was Andres Baiz.


For his extraordinary performance, Diego Luna won an award for the best actor in a mini series or a TV series at the 6th Platino Awards held in 2019.


Narcos Mexico season 2 spoilers will soon start doing the rounds once the show is announce and the episodes are out. Many fans are still reeling from the murder of Kiki in the first series. But will his death be avenged in the new series?

Reviews and Ratings

Narcos Mexico season 2 reviews and ratings will be out pretty soon after Narcos Mexico season 2 full episodes are released on Netflix. Many people admit that the season 1 was so good that they indeed felt an addiction towards the show. There’s every reason why they would assume that the second season will be as promising as the first season and as addictive.

In Conclusion

So, let’s just wait for a little in anticipation of what would surely be worth the wait and will take the bar even higher from where Narcos Mexico Season 1 took it. The day is not far when you will be enjoying Narcos Mexico season 2 episode 1. And then would probably binge watch the season to finish it on one night. There are so many other web series on Netflix you have to watch right now. You can suggest your friends to watch Narcos Mexico 2 by sharing your Netflix subscription.

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