Which is better between Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage?

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Which is better between Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage????


Guys, if you are reading this article then let be sure that something big is revolving around your head. If you are searching about which is better between love marriage and arranged marriage then you are on right place. You must have heard from your elders that marriages are all about ‘sanyog’ or the very famous phrase ‘Marriages are made in heaven’. How far these lines are true? Ever thought about it? If yes, you must have compared love marriages and arranged marriages. And if not, you are surely lying to yourself. Why peoples always confuse about to choose one between love marriage and arranged marriage.

Every individual wants to spend his/her life with a partner who will fulfill all their needs and demands without thinking about the fact that their partner also wants the same thing from them. This becomes the real cause of an unsuccessful marriage and people start blaming the type of marriages.

I heard someone saying, “Love marriages should be arranged.” Well how modern our society is to accept it? In earlier times, people did so called ‘swayamwars’ and gradually arrange marriages evolved and came into being because people thought that parents can best decide who is good enough for their child. As the society start developing more and more so also the mindset of the people. A new trend was seen in the field of marriages. Children started feeling that they should be given the right to decide, with whom they want to spend their lives because they know themselves the best. Yes, there is no doubt that there is a lot of difference between these two but actually it’s not right to say that one of these is better than the other. The type of marriage should never be blamed for the future and relationship between married couples.

Marriage is such a sacred and pure bond that it not only binds two persons but two families. Be it arrange or love, the type of marriage has nothing to do with the faith, trust and understanding between the couples. Love marriage vs. arrange marriage is just a question prevalent in the minds of married couples who are not satisfied with their relationships with their partners. You must have heard people saying that love marriages are stronger because we know each other’s likes and dislikes and we understand and love each other completely but then now a day’s people get enough time to understand and know each other even in an arrange marriage. Understanding plays a greater role in developing bonds between two individuals rather than time. Many arrange marriage couples feel the lack of time duration which forms the base for developing understanding. But as you all know, these two types of marriages are like the two sides of a coin. Both love marriage and arranged marriage have their own advantages and disadvantages. If it’s a fact that in love marriages people get more time to know each other before marrying, there is another fact that in arrange marriages people really have the curiosity to know their partners which brings them even more closely. People who support arrange marriages say that parents can best decide with whom we should spend our life because they are more experienced than us but then who is responsible for the dowry deaths? Guys we should stop asking the question that which one is better between the two. It’s the trust and understanding which decides the future relationship of a couple, not merely the type of marriage. Try to give your partner sufficient time and always remember that, “You can be a tea sipper and she can be a coffee drinker but the sugar is always there to bind the two of you.”