What is WhatsAppitis? How Whatsapp can be harmful for Health



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Whatsapp can be harmful for Health

Short Message Service or SMS has taken a new meaning thanks to the Whatsapp. Whatsapp become such a new trend in which people can forget attend lectures in college and eat but they do not forget to check Whatsapp messages. This app has totally changed the values ​​of personal life. So it really needs to take precautions. If whatsapp is not use wisely it may be harm more than benefit. What is WhatsAppitis? how Whatsapp can be harmful for health. Here, what the damage is and how to avoid them.


Whatsapp addiction can be cause ‘WhatsAppitis’

If you have an addiction with whatsapp, Please be careful because you can suffer with a disease called ‘WhatsAppitis’. After messaging on the Whatsapp causes pain in the wrist so let me tell you that you have contracted with this disease. The first official case of ‘WhatsAppitis’ came to light in front of British Medical Journal ‘The Laincent ’ when a Pregnant woman faced tremendous pain in the wrist after longer use of Whatsapp. The woman had use Whatsapp till 6 consecutive hours. She was advised not to use Whatsapp to get rid of the pain. So it is better to use it only when you needed and see the time during using of whatsapp. If you will keep engaged so long in this so it can be harmful for you. Whatsapp can be hacked. People used to come through in the last scene that when you saw the phone last time. Even they can know when you slept. People can be follows your personal life through this. If you like or do not like you have to reply when you seen online, if you don’t reply then they can feel bad that you were ignoring them. When the last scene closed girlfriends doubt that what is needed to hide from me.

 How to Avoid Whatsapp Hacking

  1. Users do not use public Wi-Fi.
  2. Block unknown numbers.
  3. Using your Wi-Fi change the password of your router frequently.
  4. You can lock Whatsapp message in Step. This is used by the third-party app. “Lock Whatsapp” the name of the app can be downloaded from Google. A version of this app is also available for BlackBerry users.
  5. You can hide the last scene. You will find many privacy settings in the phone from the taking of photographs until the last scene of hide.
  6. To hide it you’ll go as—-Settings——Account——-Privacy——-and then go to options in the last scene. Here you find such option like Everyone, My contacts, Nobody. Clicking on nobody of these in the last scene you will be completely Hide. This would be better than that do not share your number with others. So everyone used Whatsapp very carefully.