What Distinguishes Ayurveda from Other Systems of Medicine?


Considered one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, Ayurveda emphasizes the need for a balance between the mind, body, and spirit for maintaining health and wellness. It not only targets the overall development but also has remedies and solutions for specific ailments or conditions.The word ‘Ayurveda’ translates into ‘science of life’.

How Ayurveda medicine is better than Allopathy ?

Some questions were asked always –

  •  Is Ayurveda good for kids.
  • Is Ayurveda safe during pregnancy.
  • Is Ayurveda effective for weight loss.
  • Is Ayurveda effective for cancer.
  • Is Ayurveda effective for hair loss.

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Difference in concept

The concept of Indian Ayurveda believes in preventing disease and eliminating the root cause of ailments. Ayurveda treats the whole body rather than just the symptoms. The five basic elements of nature-earth, space, air, fire and water are believed to combine three life forces that control the body. Treatments are tailored keeping in mind the individual, his lifestyle, age, and other such factors.

Effective cure

Since the Ayurvedic system of medicine focuses, on the wholebody and attempts to rid the human body of the particular disease entirely, the cure is more effective and quite often lasts a lifetime. Doctors always debate about ayurveda vs modern medicine. Ayurveda can treat a host of diseases including cancer, migraine, pancreatitis, arthritis, and quite a few others, which do not have cures in modern medicine. An Ayurveda diet prescribed by an experienced practitioner has been found to work wonders time and again.


The different ingredients used in Ayurveda medicine are commonly foundherbs and spices. Not only does this bring one closer to nature, it means the side effects are far less than those from medicines that use chemicals. Purification techniques like Panchakarma are also prescribed alongside medicines as part of Ayurveda remedies.

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