Top 9 Dangerous Viruses Like ‘Ebola’ also Harmful for Health

Top 9 Dangerous Viruses Like ‘Ebola’ also Harmful for Health, ebola, hanta , kyanasur, dengue, marburg, ebola types, viruses
Top 9 Dangerous Viruses Like ‘Ebola’

Ebola virus, have you heard this type of name ever. Ebola is the most dangerous virus in the world. It came first in 1976. But no one serious about it that time. Nowadays this disease is causing harmful effect in Africa. More than 800 people lost their lives due to Ebola in this year. Today we are introducing top 9 dangerous viruses like Ebola also harmful for health.

Marburg virus – It is dangerous and hemorrhagic fever viruses. Muscle pain and bleeding from the skin and organs of the body seems to be due to this. Only 90 per cent are victims of this kind die like ‘Ebola Virus’.

Hanta virus – During the Korean War in 1950 the ‘Hanta Virus’ came. This is the name of a river it named. Damage of lungs and kidney is due to ‘Hanta Virus’ and a few days later, the person dies due to fever.

Zaire Ebola virus – Indeed, five varieties of Ebola virus, named all African countries and regions is named. This type of virus is spread the terror in Liberia and Sierra Leone. In these 5 varieties of ‘Ebola Virus’ the ‘Zaire Ebola Virus’ is much deadly. The rest four types of ‘Ebola Virus’, Tai, forest, Bandibungyo and Sudan are not as dangerous.

Bird flu – The varieties of bird flu are also dangerous. Its mortality rate is 70 per cent. Catching the virus to you only when you have been come contact with poultry. The viruses are mostly found in Asia over. It is because; People mostly here tend to poultry. Chickens are burned on the virus outbreak.

Lassa virus- The virus is spread by rats and squirrels. A Nigerian nurse was infected with this virus first. The virus came from Africa. Paper or cloth rodents are carriers of this virus.

Junín virus – The virus that causes inflammation of the tissue and the skin is bleeding. Indeed, the symptoms are so common that it would not have this illness quickly.

Machupo virus – It is concerned with the Bolivian hemorrhagic fever. Which also called ‘Black-typhus’. It also spreads like Junín virus. Fever and bleeding are also the symptoms of it. It is transmitted from person to person.

Kyasanur Forest virus – Forest virus is transmitted from animals. But this does not set a specific organism. The person with the virus has fever, headache, muscle pain and bleed.

Dengue virus – Its virus spreads by Mosquitoes. Remains halted until the very day of the virus are found there. The risk is higher in India and Thailand. Every year, millions of people are affected by the virus. Certain types Mosquitoes are the carriers of this virus. The person becomes infected by its biting because of the intense fever life goes away.


These were the  top 9 dangerous viruses like Ebola also harmful for health. To know more men’s health care tips just be with us.