Top 5 Weight Loss Tips for Teenage Girls

top 5 weight loss tips for teenage girls 2014
Weight lose tips

Here is good news for girls who are thinking about loss their weight. Many girls have a major problem with their increasing weight. They always think that how to lose their weight. They try so many medicines to lose their weight. By which their body get harmful with so many internal or external disease. So please don’t try such type medical treatments without permission of doctor’s or nutritionists instead of you can try anyone from these top 5 weight loss tips for teenage girls otherwise you may lose your beauty also with your body. Because if your health is not perfect then how can your beauty be perfect?

Confused ………..What to do now?

Hey girls you don’t need to be confused, just follows some instructions and precaution which are included in this post of top 5 weight loss tips for teenage girls 2014. These tips are most importants for women’s health. If you want to know how to lose your weight quickly, you must need to follow all the instructions and give more time to your body instead of anything. When you start your process don’t quit it in half way.
You must need to make to do list before start your process of weight losing. First you decide how much weight you want to lose. If you start your process without choosing your stop point you didn’t complete it perfectly and you may be waste more time. This is not a healthy way to project or aim for weight loss. You can calculate your required weight against your height using some methods like BMI. If you fix your target you may win your half battle.
Here we are describing all weight losing tips. These tips are not described about what diet pill you should take or starvation fad diet to try. Both these methods are unhealthy and ineffective. Instead, these tips are easy and healthful ways which helps you to lose weight if you change your current habits.

1. Weight loss tips for teenage girls #

Make a weight loss diet plan:-
top 5 weight loss tips for teenage girls 2014
If you want to get fast result you must change your eating habits. It does not mean that you can’t eat food. Before anything you should make a weight loss diet plan. Hang a weight loss diet chart in your bedroom or your kitchen, it will help you remember what food you should take or not. You should remember that never reduced food from your diet instead of you should add food in it. Add some healthy food in your diet. Keep your house well-stocked with fruits, vegetables, healthy meats, grains, cereals, spices, and flavors. These will help you aid in fast weight loss and avoid binging. Always use low salt in your food because salt decrease the level of water in your body and helps to weight gain. Eat slowly and chew everything you eat at least 8-12 times. You can buy weight loss food and snacks from market.
• Breakfast plan: – when you get up in the morning after sleeping for 6 to 8 hours at night, then the level of glucose and blood sugar in your body gets low. And then if you miss your breakfast, your body goes into hibernation (which leads to no or minimum calorie burn). Breakfast rev up your body metabolic rate. It keeps your hormone levels stable and helps regulate your blood sugar level, burning more calories. A healthy breakfast also helps to weight loss.
You can add Toast with your favorite spread, a banana which is high in potassium, cereal with skimmed milk and fruits, etc.

• Lunch plan: – At lunch time you should take the food of less of fat as you can become overweight by consuming it. You can take sandwich on multi-grain bread with lean chicken. Please don’t use white bread because it contains very little nutrients. Also you can take butter-fried egg (using butter to fry egg instead of oil). A salad of tomato, cucumber, lettuce and a glass of milk are most useful in weight losing for teenage girls and boys also.

• Dinner plan: – Often people think that if what you ate for dinner. Which food is beneficial to health? You can take simple and healthy food in dinner like dal, chapattis, lentil soup, mustard greens, beans, chick peas. Don’t eat heavy and oily food in dinner. You can take one glass milk after your dinner. Sweets can be make your dinner complete. Eat only those foods which have high nutrition.

• Snacks plan: – You can take snacks between the breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. Fruit, veggies, dairy, proteins are may be the part of snacks time.

2. Weight loss tips for teenage girl#

Drink water can lose weight:-
If you’re trying to lose weight you should try to only drink water and unsweetened tea. Water is the best liquid at keeping you hydrated. It helps keep your skin healthy and clear. It’s an essential part of keeping you trim, also it tastes good. If you drink only water means no use of other drink then it can be most helpful for your health. Many people feels themselves hungry after meal if you want to stop it then take a glass water or unsweetened tea before your meal. Water removes extra fat from your body and also helps to digest the food in your body. Drink 8-10 glass water in a day, it also keeps your skin soft and bright.

3. Weight loss tips for teenage girl#

Change your lifestyle and get fit:-
Your lifestyle can be effect on your body. If you adopted a bad lifestyle then you can damage your body. Overweighting also may be the reason of bad lifestyle. Girls, if you want to lose your weight you should change your lifestyle. You can change your lifestyle in different manner as
• Get up early in the morning then go for a morning walk or a little race. The fresh air of morning more beneficial for your body. Always use stairs instead of lifts.
• Weight loss yoga classes can also helps you. Yoga and meditation keeps you fit & healthy.
• Try to always be happy. Because sad and angry nature makes you weak day by day. Your friends can be help in it.
• You should do what you want. If you want play-you play. If you want fun then do fun. Don’t be lazy always be crazy.
• This lifestyle change not only gives quick weight loss tips for teenage girls, but helps keep the weight off by keeping this good habit. Quick weight loss will only be achieved with diet and exercise.

4. Weight loss tips for teenage girls #

Exercise helps to lose weight:-
Exercise is the main factor of any weight loss program and it is the most important tip for quick weight loss in this article. Always spend 60 minutes for exercise in a day. Don’t do hard or difficult exercise in starting. You can start with a simple daily walk and then turn it into a little race after some day. You can run with your dog it may be your best body trainer (hahahaha……). Instead of watching T.V and chatting with friends you can do some household work. Vacuuming, mowing the lawn or going up and down the stairs to do laundry also may be the part of little exercise and also it will help burn calories. Dancing also may be the exercise for you if you love to dance. Always use stairs instead of lifts when you go your office or anywhere.

5. Weight loss tips for teenage girls #

Talk your family and friends:-

You should talk to your parents before starting of your weight loss process. They will help you surely. Let to know your friends that you start to your weight loss and take suggestion from them. Take advice from them about your diet and exercise. Also ask them to join you and if they suggest some healthy snacks then go for shopping with them or your parents and take those healthy snakes and food at your home. You can join the yoga and meditation classes with your friends or your parents. You can also join gym where gym trainer can give you some special tips to weight loss.

These are the top 5 weight loss tips for teenage girls, boys should be apply them and get your body fit and healthy. If anybody has their own suggestion they can mail us.