Top 5 Ways How to Control Diabetes with Diet and Exercise


Top 5 Ways How to Control Diabetes with Diet and Exercise


The number of patients with diabetes and pre-diabetes in India is the highest in the world. It is not a coincidence. Indian and South Asian people are accustomed to coming in genetically diabetic are gripped. In addition, in our lazy and sedentary life styles life styles and our food than before, more processed foods such as sugar and flour also contribute to the introduction of type-2 diabetes. Oftenly, peoples are worried about that how to control dibetes type 2. But the good news is that if you take the proper precautions can be taken care of type-2 diabetes, and pre-diabetes, in many cases, can be stopped. Some yoga’s and exercises are also useful to control dibetes type 2 naturally. If you don’t have diabetes, then the risk of developing diabetes can reduce substantially through healthy diet and exercise in your life. Here we will discuss top 5 ways how to control diabetes with diet and exercise. First start from making a diabetes control diet chart. Add some diabetes control vegetables in it.


1.     Reduce sugar from your diet:-

Sweets or nuggets sugar in tea can cause much damage to your body, resulting in weight gain, diabetes, hormonal imbalance and many also have disadvantages. To reduce your sugar craving advice – drink a glass of water and retain almonds. The structure of almonds with its nourishing properties can help you overcome the craving for sugar.

2.     Remove flour from your diet:-

Flour is a processed foods have very little nutritional and high Glycemic index. However, flour is still not sweet yet it increases the level of blood-glucose as sugar. Flour is found in many common materials such as Naan, bread, noodles, pasta, pizza, white sauce, burger and buns also. Instead of these fast-foods eating of food made from wheat more beneficial for health.

3.     Remove hidden sugars from your diet:-

It’s difficult to identify hidden sugars in food. You will not even realize you have biscuits, packed juices, breakfast cereals, ice cream and syrups are as much sugar. Flour and sugar both are found in mostly biscuits, which is harmful to your health. Be sure to check the nutrition labels on package foods and try replacing them with wholesome, natural foods to eat.

4.     Make healthy snacks instead of junk food:-

When you are hungry, avoid the habit of eating junk food and choose healthy snacks like almonds. These natural sources of fiber and unsaturated fats, which are healthy cholesterol levels and maintain healthy blood glucose levels do. In 2011, according to a study published in Nutrition Centre and metabolism, almond increased insulin sensitivity in people with pre-diabetes. Almond is a low glycemic index food which takes much time you fill up for the day and helps to stabilize blood glucose levels. Therefore almond is the best dry fruit to control diabetes.

5.     Exercise reduces diabetes and keeps body fit:-

Exercise is very important for diabetes management or prevention. When you exercise, then your body’s ability to regulate blood glucose levels increase and it makes you healthy. Therefore, do some active exercise every day. All type’s diabetes can be control through exercise.


Follow these 5 diabetes control tips or steps to manage your diabetes and stay healthy.