Top 5 Steps How to Convince a Girl to Change Her Mind After Declined Your Proposal

Top 5 Steps How to Convince a Girl to Change Her Mind After Declined Your Proposal. deepak raghav,deepak raghav love, deepak raghav, raghav deepak
Deepak Raghav


Today we’ll tell you how to convince a girl to change her mind after declined your proposal. Did a girl say no after your proposal? Do you think she might be the one? Well if you feel so strongly why let her go? Look, there is nothing to worry about it. Initially it often happens because your love is new. Also new is the feeling towards her. If you do the something and inadvertently causing it hurts the feelings of the girls. And then they upset with you and tend to reject your proposal. Don’t worry about it if you know how to convince a girl to change her mind after declined your proposal.

Therefore proposes a girl to ever do not be too hasty. Otherwise your hand will only be disappointed.   At the heart of any girl would be so hard to make a place for yourself, provided you know the way it should be.   For this, you first need to be patient and will walk you step by step. This will not only make you a place in her heart, but she will soon become your fan.


  1. I have done all this… Bt, Thn also.. she didn’t rplied… yesterday, I proposed her.. Bt,nw also she didn’t rplied anything about dat topic.. j’st continuously saying…. she luks mee as her best good friend…Nw, m thinkng wat to do???

  2. Oooo
    Come on my frnd u r done.
    She’s thinking of u
    She’s observing u
    She’s thinking about future n parents
    She’s not a confusion to accept or not
    No issues she I’ll accept ur proposal
    All d best

  3. I did evrything to make her happy at first i took stuffs for her to eat i pamperd her she alwys smiled at me, she shared evrythng with me i took her for a drive too and in the collge i made her see off with a spcl bye turning around at the back of my gate and walk behind facing her… she alwys smiled and she already had a doubt dat i like her.. but afterol this… few days back i proposed her i told her evrythng out from my heart she first took at too casual like’ ok’ types.. 🙁
    and then wen i askd ..”so propsl rjctd” she said yess.. i felt vry bad dat day…i left texting her ..i left seeing her in college ..i acted as i m too hurted and became descent …..n she ignord me too dat time.
    But few days back when we wlkd from the same coridoor facing echothr she lookd into my eys and i look ito her’s too in sch a way that she wants tu say smthng tu me…and the same happend the next day..!

    See, i m really totally confused wht’s in her mind… is she still trying judging me or she jat wants fun … she had alrdy rejctd me den why is she doing ol this
    .whterr der is still a hope left..for which i can still propose her again for a positiv ansr or m i jst wasting my time…plese ansr me he best of ur sujjestionss … pls 🙁

    • don’t think too much about it, though you love her that much, you jst gatta let her make her own decision the way she wants to, as the saying goes patience pays l believe it will also work for you and also one thing you should know is if it is meant to be it will be, let nature take its course

  4. I fall in love with a girl elder to me 2 years elder we meet in a family function on 1.6.2015 . We started to chat on what’s app we become to close and I proposed her but she rejected .after few days we started to speak again normally she know how much affection I am having with her .last month again I proposed her she replied that I like u so much ,but love will not set just left me u will get a better girl than me like that she replied …now I don’t know what to do

    • Hey Harish, Dear you are in a good situation. Don’t move any wrong step this time. Now the girl want to test you that’s why she said you that you can get a better girl…blaa.blaa.
      Now you have to realize your true feelings to her. Valentine day is coming in few days. You have golden chance. Try something best and make her own. She is also loves you but can’t express.

  5. I’m love one first I’m friendship with after some time I’m proposed but she’s not give me the answer after few days she says I don’t love you I ask what is the but she didn’t say anything I’m cut my hand still she didn’t give me answer. I ask her you have already a bf but she’s say no after few days I’m force him then she say yes I have bf.
    After 2 years I come to know she’s break up with her bf. I love him very much so I again propose him she didn’t give me answer again and say I give answer after 2-4 days so please give me suggestion what I do and what can I do.

    • Hey Bro,
      I think its a very crucial time for that girl. First she need a support. You can support her as a friend. Try to make a place in her heart. Once you done then she will herself propose you.

  6. bro i like a girl but never talk to her . then when i came to know about her name i got informed that she is in some trouble by the source .i send her msg through the source that i can help her and i like her too. i got her no. she now talk to me daily.i help her in her problem also. so many boys proposed her but she rejected them .but when i text her that i like u.she told lets be friends 1st then i will tell.its only been 10-13 days talking to her. what to do man should i propose her on valentines day or not ? she some times tell that she don’t want a relationship. fully confused bro .plzzz help.

    • Hey Shubham,
      I understand your problem. Its not hurry to propose her. If you really love her then give some time to build up a strong relationship. But If you can’t control any more then take her ouside like any restaurant. Try to say about your feelings indirectly. Ask her which type of guy she wants to be her partner. It can help you to propose her.

  7. I love a girl through fb after that she gave her number to talk on watsapp after that she told that we will talk over phone this continued for 3 months but talking over phone was very less we used to talk over WhatsApp more often especially during night times 11-1 at night. After that I proposed her one day she told I like u but as a Frnd I have a family problem. After that we talked more often as above on WhatsApp . few days back I proposed her again and her answer was I like u as friend and not accepting ur proposal because I like some one else. So next day I don’t if u like him then it means he is better than than we should stopped talking forever. We disnd talked for a day then . her WhatsApp status showed she was very sad that day.after second next day I told sorry to her to not to talk to her forever .she was very angry at that time .after this incident now since two days she is not showing much interest in me nor I showed in talking with her. I don’t know what she is thinking about me . whether she still like me or not.and if yes what should I do in talking to her. And how should I start whether with dull interest or with some attitude .

    • Dear Sumit,
      First of all you should not force her to like you. If she doesn’t love you don’t be feel bad. Talk to her daily as a friend. Find the reason what stopping her to coming close to you. You can ask her about that guy whom she love. And you know the second name of love is sacrifice. Talk him about the matter. and problem get solved on that time surely. If any query ask me without any hesitation.

      • Comment:I started talking with a girl since 1 month. She faced a problem in wich she was alone . Nd i helped her come out of it . She told me tht iam 1 of the best freinds she’s ever had nd she gave me her num . We started talking on phone daily frm 11 pm to 2 am at night . V opened our minds compeletely 2 each othr . Frm dt i understood tht she’s a very frank nd childish girl . She also understood me well. She said that its quite interesting to talk with me . The situation slowly changed 2 the condition tht nw she keeps on calling me each night . She cant even spend a single night without talking 2 me . I proposd her 1 day . She replied very freindly that she likes me very much , bt she alredy loves a guy . If she wasnt in a relation shee wld hv surely loved me 4ever. Also she told me tht if at all her present relation breaks up , she will accept me without a 2nd thought . Bt she’s nt a girl who chnges boy frnds frequently . Her present bf is jst her 2nd 1 till nw . Yesterday also she told me dt till this day she couldnt find out any negative qualities in me . If she wasnt in a reltn she wld hv accepted me only . Wts the best solution 4 this situation??

        • This girl doesn’t want to loose you. You have to make a good place in her heart. Try to talk her regularly. Make her happy. Your situation is like Akshay Kumar in Singh is Kingg. Don’t worry one day you will get her soon. Be patience

  8. I proposed a girl and she replied to me
    no….she was not interested in love and
    she don’t like boys. …after few months
    ago….I proposed against them…..but
    she replied same….and they blocked me
    in Facebook and whatsapp. … what I
    will do…..???

  9. i proposed her and i thought she rejected me but she loved me but she didn’t express. i came to know just now. even i didn’t express very well. this went on for 6 months and now i am not in touch.but i want her back. what will i do???

  10. Sir I am khwaja ghayasuddin.sir my problem is I never use to speak to any girl about love but was attracted to some beautiful girls but in my college life I suddenly liked a girl but when generally speak to her she about such things and she is not interested in me at all but I like her a lot in more than a friend but sir it is not possible to leave her but I feel she will change and be friendly with me sir but i get anger also but suggest something remedy that can help me. Sir please its my personal request please try to understand

  11. i have loved a girl she also loves me fter come to her parents she has starts to ignore me in college i am always like i am hurted with her so much after i proposed her again she said ok after some time again her parents started to scold her she left me and she said that she loving another boy whom i loved in chiledhood i asked that then why you did like that by accepting my proposal

  12. i proposed a girl who was my good friend she said iam not interested in you and then i left it.after a few days i proposed again she is like iam not intrested in love and then she is like whats the hurry in falling in love and after a few days she is saying ” you will definitely get a better girl than me, dont waste time on me focus on your life only then your life will be prosperous” what should i do further?

  13. Hey I used to like a girl from 1 year she is one and a half years elder than me and lives near my house. She also used to look at me when she came at terrace very much. I also used to follow her to tuitions. She again used to look at me. Then I proposed her but she said she already knew it and is not interested in these types of things. But she had 2 boyfriends earlier. I don’t know wwhether she hhas a boyfriend now. Now when i look at her she again looks at me. What should i do? Should i again propose her.

    • Hey Abhi
      You should give some time to understand the situation. First you have to come close with her. Talk with her in any topic (not love). Find her inner secrets and when you realize that she also likes you then propose her.

  14. Hey,dude I proposed one girl but she love one side another boy..but the boy not love him…but she says my boy friend told ill be love what can I do….plz help me

    • Hey Swarna
      I think you can take help of that guy whom she love. Ask him that he loves her or not. If he loves her then you should quit but if not then you should tell the truth to the girl.

  15. I proposed her but she is not accepting and she is broke up with her first love so she saying she is not interested in love now and I was proposed her somany time that time she not give me the reply but one time she msg me that a boy who proposed her before and she have a crush on him now but he is got engaged so she is free now so I want her to say I love you to me back

  16. I loved a girl who is my best friend…
    I told her that there is a girl who I like a lot indeed love her so so much …
    I asked her that how shall I propose her or make her feel special…
    She gave me all the points I asked her that what dress shall I wear and what gift shall I take fir her during proposing her she told me all her favorites…
    Then she told me to first message her first about my feelings so that she can get time to think and then meet and propose her…
    So I proposed her the next day…
    She was shocked and told me to that she need a 2 days time to think about it.
    She is talking normally wid me and suddenly at the 1 St day I met her and she was like blushing and as I am shy I went away faster…
    Now there is only one day left and I want her badly…
    Now please tell me did I did anything that hurt her …
    Will she say yes..??
    Now what further shall I do????

  17. I proposed a girl she is 2.5 years elder than me and she declined my proposal and she is Christian and she is giving much importance to her religion and she is not at all interested in love because she doesn’t want to make any problems to her family but I couldn’t forget her still only 1.5 months are left to finish my degree after that i will never see her so give some suggestions to make her fall in love with me and she lost her father when she was at 11 and she is very very strong to not to love anyone and she has declined many proposals

  18. hi sir, as like as everyone i also loved one girl. she is living near my house. I proposed her 1 yr back but she is rejected me. before I proposed her she was talking with me.but after knowing this even she couldn’t seeing at me then how can I propose her

  19. I love a girl frm my 8std.then also she know I love her but I never say her. but now I say her that I love u and she replies that this is your problems and this can’t happen.plz help me what to do now

  20. Hi
    you know what happen with me. still i am not proposing her. because she love to another boy. but really i am telling you i love her so much pls give me some idea what i will do.?

  21. Hey bro im avinash, i luv one girl when i think i say her what i feel about her Firstly i realy dont know what way i tell her, we are just in frndship in till last one week agter one day i send a msg on what’s aap, i want to say u something, are u listen or not if yes then promise me u r not angry end this will not affect on our frndship,she says s tell me…
    When i call and tell har i like u so much since last 6 months but i dint have that dairing to tell u, and the fact is she dont know i like her since last 6months,when i tell her aall things she said look till now i dont think about that, not only about u but no one else, and said as a my point of view we r just frnd are u agree or not think ur self, then i said ok as ur saying we r just frnd, but til tthat day when i msg on what’s aap she dint repliedlast 8days, then what should i do to convince her, and what way i propsed her again boz this is my first love and i cant live without her..please help me

  22. bro Deepak help l proposed a girl n she said i dnt love u n l hve no rsn why but later on apologised n said she was too hash but said she doesnt feel the sme but l know she likes me also wat should l do help

  23. Bro l asked a girl whom l love and she knows that l love,when l asked here to meet she reply says i we meet please don’t talk about love coz l an am in a serious relationship now l diwhen l talk to here face to face she is always keep quaet wjhen l ask here if she hears she always answer me saying l hear you

  24. Deepak sir i want help….i love a girl since 3 years and before 6 months i proposed her she said me no…i asked for reason then she said i didn’t saw you in that relationship as you do…she know how much madly i love her..she blocked me on whatsapp 7 or 8 times but when i say her plz unblock she quick unblocked me..and finally i request her plz stay as a friend can i did right what i do plz say me..

  25. Comment:I proposed a girl its now almost a year she keep on sayn no but when I ask her if she love me she say yes she love mi but when I do it again she keep on rejection what shud I do?

  26. Comment:I proposed a girl a year ago but she keeps on rejecting mi when I ask her if she love mi she say yes but can’t say yes to my proposal

  27. deepak bhai.
    i am in love with a girl and she’s my friend.
    i dont know whether she has the same feeling too but i cant dare to propose her and the way she is talking to me is as she likes me.
    what should i do bro??

  28. I am in luv with a girl who is 2 yrs younger than me …I proposed her ,she made me frnd also we were in very close interaction..although we spent whole time in colg together by sitting wid each other .I can hold her hand also hold her across her back…she shares every pblm wid me..once she told me that I want my husband like u …..recently I asked her about love she replied I don’t luv u …luv can’t happen forcefully ..we r best friends nd will remain so….now I quit talking to her…but my feelings r still like that ..what should I do???

  29. Comment:I met with a girl in my coaching,after a friendship of 2 years i proposed her,but she told me that she did’t believe in love.we continued our friendship i again proposed her after a gap of 1 year but again the same answer.Now,we are good friends only not good couples.

  30. Comment:
    hello deepak there was one girl in my office I used to sit beside her for two to four days I was new then in the office there were two guys sitting in between me and her so she use to talk as usual what I do where I stay is it your first job and something like that then on the second day when I was sitting beside her means the two guys where sitting in between us they use to flirt with her means the guys and her where just friends one day she made a paper ball and throw on of them in jest but unfortunately it came to me and in jest I said it hutted me and I was. doing acting then she said omg that paper ball hurted you and laughing I use to stare her but I was shy to see directly in her eyes if she use to stare me in response but she was smiling and after sitting with her for four days I was attracted to her then I was commanded by our team leader to sit in another row hence I separated from her but from then I use to say her hi by showing hand she even use to give me a response with a smile that I can’t forget afterwards when I use to go in the washroom she use on my way I use to look her and in response she use to stare me all this was going for many days one day I got to knew that she has a friend in office oh a boyfriend she sometimes use to sit beside him there was a gossip that she and the boy who use to sit beside her where actually lovers but I use to think that she is not his lover because when she was sitting beside him she use to look me so I thought that she loves me because instead of sitting beside her boyfriend she use to stare me but one day I was sitting next to another girl and even she was sitting behind me she said to that girl who was beside me and who was even her friend she commented you both look like couple I was in confusion why she said like that but then also she use to stare me and in response I use to look her sometimes I use to ignore her because I was feeling shy but sometimes I use to stare her rapidly then I thought that I should propose her after some one and a half month had passed one day she was saying everyone bye except me then from the door she was doing by to her friend who according to the office staff was her lover and she didn’t look me and was messaging some one from the door then she left the job then some of her friends said that she resigned from that day I was convincing from her friends in office to give her number but everyone avoided somehow I got her number and I said on what’s app to her I proposed her she said who gave you my number then I said I got it instead of she didn’t respond to my proposal instead she was perplexed that how this guy got my number

    • First you have to met her. Treat her as a friend only. Find out the reason why she is not responding you. May be she has fear to be in relationship again. Because some girls not easily trust on boys after a hard break up.

  31. Comment:
    brother she was not in relationship with me she was in my office afterwards she resigned and later after half month she had came near our office to meet her boyfriend who accordingly by our office staff was her lover but when i got to knew that she is just her friend because i asked that boy is she your girlfriend or lover he said that no she is just my friend people here in office speak rubbish about me and that girl because she and me both sit side by side and when i asked to her friend that do you love her he said even i dont know what type of girl she is she actually is in love with other guy who stays near by her locality i was shocked by his statement then i said to him that i love that girl can i propose her but because she is not in office can you give me her cellphone number he avoided by saying that i cant give her number but i will give her message that one guy who knows you has proposed you after wards when i asked that guy what she said about me her friend said that she has rejected your proposal by saying that i dont like that guy she was not even my friend but why the hell she use to watch me as if she is in love with me then even I started to stare her but when I did that she immediately she moved her eyes was she giving me a love signal I don’t know but if she was in love with me why the hell she resigned from office but when she use to pass from my side she definitely use to look me but again when it was her last day she was giving me a cute smile as if she wants to say me something many a times she did like that but recently I proposed her on what’s app she didn’t replied instead of this she said that how did you got my cell number I expressed my feelings to her but she didn’t bothered about that she again said that how did you got access to my number then I asked her that are you angry on me she said what do you think I said you are angry then afterwards she replied like this she said oh dear please tell me who gave you my number she actually was more interested in how did I got her number then my proposal after two days her friend who was her lover or just was in her friend zone I don’t know he said to me that why did you do that I said what I did he said you proposed my girlfriend she was angry on me she said all this to me on phone I said that I love that girl who is your friend I expressed my feelings to her her friend even said to me that how did you got her number I said I got somehow then he said she has blocked you on what’s app and when I chatted with her she said I will accept your proposal when you will tell me that how did you got my number and from whom and by commenting smiley of shyness on chat now i don’t chat with her I have stopped many days back

  32. i madly love a girl more thn my life due to some family reason she hate me ignore me there was a commitment of waiting 2 years if i can wait she will be mine forever what she said avoiding from last 1 year ,looses personality ,respect infront of her friends too still living the same way i love her earlier its 6 more months to go still wait just to proof what is true love ,she never said i like you rather than that said everything …she blocked me from every source even her friends supported her am fighting one along ,i know she will never come jut to proof what is true love atleast she realize what does it mean…

    so deeapak what you say about these

    • Hey Vivek, Actually I am not getting clearly what you want to ask. But I think at first you have to treat her as a simple friend. If she take interest in your talks, then try to move forward. Try these basics then you advance tips to propose her. Wish you all the best. If any problem, tell me here.

  33. Comment: i loved a girl i said my lov but she is not intrested in relationship what shall i do? But i lov her still i want her

  34. I like a girl, who worked in a multinational company in Uniliver. Right now i’m so much weak to her. But i can’t do propose her. Because her status and job is better rather than me. Just we talk in officially but not to move in personal activities. Recently i heared that she will go Canada for Master program purpose. I also trying to go in Canada for her. I want to know a good decision, how i can manage her.

      • my name is pavani have crush on one girl she is my junior i am connect with her via my classmate shwtea is her roommate but when i try to connect with her she was told me that she is not intrestead in me and not in my friendship
        then after some time i am trying again this time i am talk her face to face she expalined me her problem that her everything is fixed by her father so thats why am not talk with any boys :she said SO WHAT I DO NOW PLEASE HELP ME

        • Hi Pavan you are in very good situation but not so much. If the girl have no problem with the relation then you have to complete the desires which her father have. You have to be a good person by nature if you really love that girl. If the girl want any question ask me freely.

  35. please help me am in a trummer,i have a girl who is my neighboure , i love her but i have never propose to her,recently she started seeing me with my college mate and she grew jealous and she knew the girl , she once asked me if am dating the girl, i said no but she didn’t believe me.few days ago i proposed to her that i love her ,she rejected and said she have a boyfriend and went on to say but you are in love with Mary and i still deny, truly speaking am not in love my college mate,so i have stop calling her in order to seek advice and i love that girl i can’t afford to loose her

  36. Hi Sir… Hw r u???
    I am a teacher by Profession. I recently proposed one of my student. I have been in contact with her since from last 1.5 yrs…

    When I proposed her she was shocked. She had given me the answer after 4 days like shedon’t have that feelings For me which I have for her.

    After rejection of my proposal by her we were chatting continuously fro 10 to 15 days like best friends.

    One day I forced her to be mine. And she got angry. She stopped messaging. But after few says she

    sent me one normal message regarding study.

    Now we are chatting but not like previous. But still on some day she is rejecting me and saying ki she is firm on her decision. She knows I much I love her.

    She always used to say me I am a great person. We are behaving like friends now.

    I dont want to loose her. I want her in my life and really want to marry her.

    WHAT SHOULD I DO??? Should I continue messaging her or should I stop messaging her so that she will miss me??? Kindly guide me.

    • Hi Govind, I read about your problem. First of all, I do not share anything which can harm a girl life. Because you can’t get true love forcefully. It’s just an attraction of opposite $ex. If you really want to marry her then contact her family first. If girl likes you and if her parents have not any problem with your relationship then it may be possible. Otherwise I can’t say anything. Because it’s not good for my policies. If you have another query that you can’t share publicly send me a message on Facebook

  37. hi
    i m actually a student, in my school i m one of the best one in studies and co-curricular activities.i liked a girl who is 1 year younger than me.we used to just smile at each other for 1 yr and after that i proposed her she was quite surprised but i think she bit smiling a bit.but after that i got her parents phone no i asked her about that than again she smiling a bit.but after 2-3 days some students got to know that i proposed her

    her friends r very scholar. they think that its not the right age for love so when her friends knew about our relation, some stopped talking with me, some of them told me that they didnt expect this from me , i got nervous and stopped taking with her.after 5 days of my propose she came to me and said that on that day(on the day of propose) she didnt say yes not did she laugh at me besides her friends.she said u told in ur class that i said yes to u.she said this much n went.
    since my propose she has never rejected me clearly by saying no.but i too cant gather up courage to speak to her again.
    our teacher also keeps on asking her friends about is there any relationships in their class.
    i most of the time try to go in-front of her, i go but never speak,she too dose not show any reaction on her face.
    and one more thing next year i m going far away for my collage so i cant meet her again frequently so i wana relationship between me and her

    what should i doo?

  38. Comment:hii
    my name is aniket
    there is a girl she is my junior she always admires me she told she like my body my hairs and told me that we can b more than good friends she told me that i shld give assignments to so yhat she can complete and give it to me she leaves her frnd circle to walk and go along home i gave her a treat on the frst mtng she use to wait fr me outside the even she asked me my whatsapp numbar nor did i she gave me evry single sign that she too likes me but today when i told on whatsapp i want to take her to a date she bombarded and told i dnt expctd this from u. i hate u. if u wl c my chats u wl surely tell that she is impresses from me now what happened i do t know even i too love her

  39. nt:hii
    my name is aniket
    there is a girl she is my junior she always admires me she told she like my body my hairs and told me that we can b more than good friends she told me that i shld give assignments to so yhat she can complete and give it to me she leaves her frnd circle to walk and go along home i gave her a treat on the frst mtng she use to wait fr me outside the even she asked me my whatsapp numbar nor did i she gave me evry single sign that she too likes me but today when i told on whatsapp i want to take her to a date she bombarded and told i dnt expctd this from u. i hate u. if u wl c my chats u wl surely tell that she is impresses from me now what happened i do t know even i too love her

  40. HEY can i ask u one thing??
    I just wanna ask that i just propozed a girl she didn’t replied me or rejected me instantly but after school sent me a message saying that “its a no we hardly know each other and i wil not date anyone at school”now i dont know what to do!
    Can i have any suggestions???

  41. Hey
    i proposed a girl she rejected. when ever i finds her i tries to talk with her but she scolds and she goes away plzs suggest once solution for me deepak

    • Hey Kumar, I can understand about your problem. I think its not a big problem, because at first you have to know that no girl except any proposal on the day one. And the girls you proposed is the kind of such girls who need a true friend rather a boyfriend. Be her best friend and help her in every thing. Give her more time to understand your feelings. After sometime she will propose you definitely.

  42. Hi,

    I like a girl from college time, never spoke to her, but by here or there i made her aware that i like her, after 2-3 years after college when I tried to send her my proposal through one common friend, she refused saying she don’t wants to talk also, I like he so much, how should I convince her, biggest issue is, her all friends don’t like me, because of my unmanned behaviour.

    Please help me, I like her very much.

  43. Hi this is karthik …i was working in a Bpo company. One day I just saw a girl in my office …The First Time when I saw her I was in love …I started becoming close to her ….we use to talk daily …in phone about 45mins to 1 hour …we use to chat in what’s app …also one I proposed her ..she reply that now I am not interested …And she blocked in what’s app…when call her she will tell that now I am not interested..

    What to do ?
    Pls help me sir

  44. I just proposed my girl today she were little happy at that moment bt in the evng her face lookks like very irritating. She did not look at me and how i get impress her heart pls comment

  45. Comment: I was in love of one girl…. But i was afraid to propose her. I told her friends,to tell her that i was in love with her. But her friend answered me that she did not love u . I was not believe to her answered. After that I was strongly to proposed her …. But before propose she scold me …… Wanna try again ☺

  46. I Love The girl In my school and his class is opposite to my class and I alqays watching him from window.she smiles
    2 days Ago i gave him him a propsal and i send a msg through the source and she said that at a time i am revising my paper
    And after At the end of paper she is smiling and looking towards me
    But i ask her frndz what she said? Her frnd says that she is going to tell the teacher of your letter
    Her this frnd always Says me when i am talki to him for my lover she said stop talking about him
    Maybe jealous but what will the ansr bro?

  47. bro m loving a girl for 6 months i follow her regularly to her college before 1 week i had proposed her yesterday she told me that m afraid so dont come behind me and my mom scolds me so please dont follow me .. what can i do?

  48. Comment:I propose to a girl and she rejected it after that I refuse to chat with her again but she was furious till I started to chat with her again but now when I am chatting with her she will say that’s why I love you ooo and I will say I love you too Also she always ask me do I have gf and I will say I don’t have till the day she asked again and I said but you rejected my proposal and she said am not talking about me Is different person…So I got angry and I said we should stop talking about it and she said it my wish…..Since then I haven’t text her,She too hasn’t text….Now am confused I don’t know what to do??

  49. Hey.. ….Please help me I love one girl verry much.. ……I propose her but she rejected it.. ….she told tht “I’m not interested in relationships. …..but we can Be frndzzz”.. ….now plzzzz hlp me wht to do plZzz

  50. Hey bro I like a girl since 1year bt I never tells her. One day suddenly I proposed her and she tells me I want some time to think about that… After 2 days she reject my proposal.. And said i want to study and want success in my life. Then I said her that I will never disturb u if u accept my proposal. But then also. Rejected. But I want only that girl. I really love her.. Tell what I can do…