Top 5 Secret Tips on How to Celebrate Teacher’s Day

Top 5 Secret Tips on How to Celebrate Teacher’s Day 2014,teacher's day quotes, teacher's day sms,teacher's day gift ideas
Top 5 Secret Tips on How to Celebrate Teacher’s Day 2014

“Teachers affect eternity.” It’s not only a sentence but it tells us everything about why our teachers are important to us and why we should respect them. Since our kindergarten to our university standards we owe a lot to our teachers. They are the one because of whom you are able to read this article. Teachers are the one who undertake the responsibility of educating a child academically as well as morally. They expect nothing from us except a little respect and attention towards them. Don’t you think that the teachers who shape and nourish our future since our childhood and help us to become a good citizen as well as a good human being are really very special?

Don’t you think that they deserve a really special thing from their students? Teacher’s day is here. Do you want to know top 5 secret tips on how to celebrate teacher’s day? Are you not excited to do something big? Well I am. Do something out of the box and make him/her realize that they are the real gems of your life. What are you waiting for? Go ahead. Here are a five interesting guidelines on how to make teacher’s day special.


#Top 5 secrets tips on how to celebrate teacher’s day 

1. Classroom Decoration:

Think about a suitable theme for your classroom and take the permission from the head of your institution and start decorating the room according to your selected theme. It can be influenced from something as simple as nature. Collect pieces of poems and quotations representing all the teachers and hang it neatly on the walls. Don’t forget to decorate the table and blackboard/whiteboard. Cut out a lot of stars and write the name of your teachers within them. Hang those stars above the boards. This experience will never let you forget that the teachers are the real stars of your life. Let your teachers sit on your benches and re-live their student’s life.

2. Letter of Thanks:

Students generally think that teachers are strict and serious all the time. But these are only wrong assumptions. Write a personal letter to your teacher expressing your gratitude and thank him/her to make your life a successful one. This letter will surely give you a chance to see the emotional side of your teacher. Keep in mind that you should always use your own words for the letter. It will surely make your teacher’s day.

3. Teacher’s Day Speech:

Who doesn’t like to hear a speech about himself? Prepare a very interesting and fluent speech about your teachers. You will need the help of your friends for this. Each one of you should give a speech about one specific teacher. You should also include memorable instances from the lives of your teachers to make the event interesting and enjoyable.

4. Teacher’s Day Feast:

Organize a grand feast somewhere outside the town for your teachers. They will surely never be able to forget it throughout their lives if you will include interesting games after and before the meal. Choose a suitable spot for your arrangement and make sure that all your teachers will be able to attend. Invite your teachers by giving them a little informal style invitations.

5. Theater:

If you know your teacher more closely and have idea about their choices, you can take them to a good theater for either a movie or a drama. Keep in mind the age of your teacher and accordingly select the movie. You can also organize a play in your school auditorium for all your teachers. Don’t forget to give your teacher’s some really special personal gifts.

These are the top 5 secrets tips on how to celebrate teacher’s day.These tips will not only bring a smile on your teacher’s face but will also encourage your classmates to work as a team. Always remember that your respect for the teachers has more value than any other precious gift.