Top 5 Secret Tips How to Make this Bhai Dooj Special for Your Brother/Sister



Top 5 Secret Tips How to Make this Bhai Dooj Special for Your Brother/Sister, brother sister pics, bhaiya dooj giftts, bhaiya dooj 2014
Top 5 Secret Tips How to Make this Bhai Dooj Special for Your Brother/Sister

The festival of lights is here once again and all are engaged in making it a real special occasion. With Diwali, some may say, hands in hands has arrived Bhaiya Dooj also. Bhau-Beej / Bhai Tika / Bhai Phota or Bhai Dooj is a scared day observed on the second day of bright fortnight or Shukla Paksha of the Hindu month of Kartika. It is a Hindu’s festival which falls on the last day of the five-day-long Diwali festival. This day is for brothers and sisters. Sisters pray for the wellbeing, happiness and prosperity of her brother and apply Tika on his forehead to show her love and devotion.

Earlier, sisters used to give handmade gifts to their brothers on this occasion but with the change in time the way of celebration of such auspicious days has also changed gradually. Now, with the invention of new modern technology we can make such days really very special for our brothers or sisters. Let’s we come to know how to celebrate bhaiya dooj with these bhaiya doojcelebrating ideas. Let’s make this bhaiya dooj special and unforgettable for our loved ones. Here are top 5 secret tips how to make this bhai dooj special for your brother/sister.

  1. Courier Gifts:    This is one of the most famous ways of gifting someone who is very closer to you. Who doesn’t like surprises? Surprise your loved ones by sending parcels or couriers to them with a lovely message inscribed within it. Keep in mind the choice of your brother/sister while choosing the gift. With the gift item, also send a lovely greetings card or flowers if possible. you can send bhaiya dooj gifts through various online gift stores.
  2. Handwritten Letters: The relationship between brother and sister is very lovable and can’t be compared with anything. Show your love and feelings to your brother/sister using your own words. Simply write a letter and express your deep respect and devotion. It can be an emotional element too. You can send them bhaiya dooj e-cards through websites.
  3. Arrangement of Play: Nothing is impossible at the present times. Arrange and direct a drama/play for your brother/sister showing certain important and unforgettable events of your and his/her life till date. You can be sure about it that your brother/sister is certainly going to love it and it will be a memorable event for your whole family.
  4. Surprise theme party: If you are planning to do something really big and amazing for your brother/sister, plan for a surprise party in a place outside your home. Invite all your friends and family and select a theme for it. Everything should be selected for the party according to your brother’s/sister’s choices from the colour of curtains to the decorating pieces.
  5. Date: Your brother/sister always looks for an ideal person in you. So why not take him/her outside for a date! Yes it’s amazing, isn’t it? Take him/her to the best restaurant and give a treat. Reserve the restaurant for only the two of you and spend as much time as you can with your brother/sister.

I hope these top 5 secret tips how to make this bhai dooj special for your brother/sister are going to help you to make your bhaiya dooj special on 25 october 2014 (bhaiya-dooj celebrating day).,


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