Top 5 Secret Ideas How to Impress a Girl in a Mall


Hello friends, Nowadays to visit and shopping in the malls is becoming fashionable for boys and girls. Everyone want to spend their time in the malls. We often saw so many beautiful girls in the malls. Some girls come with their boyfriends and some are alone. If you are single and want to impress a girl in mall. But how to impress a girl in a mall. It is not a big deal to impress a girl. But impress a girl in a mall is a very different situation.Because here you cannot make a big plan to impress her.  But don’t worry here are top 5 secret ideas how to impress a girl in a mall.

Boys try so many thing to impress the girl but they forget that every girl wants some unique. She can be impress by you if you do something different for her. What is your plan to impress her? If you have not any special or unique idea to impress or propose a girl than this article have best solution of your love and relationship problems. This article gives the online information about how to impress a girl in a mall.

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Boy Impressing a Girl by Giving Her Heart Shaped Balloon

Impress Her by Good Looking Personality-

If you want to impress a girl then you should have a good looking personality. A perfect body shape of 6- 8 pack abs definitely attract the girl’s attention. Perfect dressing sense also attract the girl’s attention. Girls always notice to a new one. Your style of walking, eating or talking everything is most important to impress any girl. Always use a light smell deodorant.

Impress Her by Romantic Song –

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Every girl want to be special than others. If you play a guitar and sing a romantic song for her. Drop red rose as rain on that girl. It will impress a lot to her. She will completely lost in your love. Every girl has a desire is that her partner will propose publicly. Then without waisting of any single moment give the rose to girl and convinced her to accept your proposal. You need to a good practice for it. Otherwise you will be only reason of your failure.

Impress Her by Love Letters –

Most of the boys use this technique in schools and colleges to impress the girl. It’s a very old fashion. But this can be more impressive if you insert some additional effect of yours. Collect 5-6 small cute kids to help. Give them the letters you written to her. Remember every letter should be unique and romantically written. And you after this what would be happen! The girl get curious to see you. She will be desperate to see you and to meet also. All of this looks filmy but it will help you to impress the girl definitely.

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Impress Her by Surprising Gifts –

You can send some special surprising gifts with letters to her. You can choose anything which she like most. You can help of any other girl in it. It may be a little expensive, but you “True lovers do not care about anything”. It’s a specialty of true lovers that they can do everything to get there love. Did you hear about Romeo and Juliet love story?  There are so many example like them such as Heer-Ranjha, Laila-Majnu, Sahiba- Mirza and so many others.
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Impress Her by Filmy Ideas-

You know all the girls have craze of romantic films. They envisioned the films hero as their partner and herself as film’s heroine. Sometime they dream about their partner that he should broke the glass as ‘Emraan Hashmi’ do in his movie ‘Jannat’. In this movie Arjun (Emraan Hashmi) broke the glass of a showcase to give a diamond ring to a girl name Zoya (Sonal Chauhan) in a mall. There are so many movies in which boy impress a girl in a mall. You just turn her dream into reality with your great efforts.

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So these are top 5 secret ideas to impress a girl in a mall. If you like the article share it with your friends. If you any suggestion or have your own new idea than you can share with us in comments.