Top 5 Crackers Using Tips How to Celebrate a Safe Diwali

Top 5 Crackers Using Tips How to Celebrate a Safe Diwali, how to use crackers
Happy Diwali 2016

So guys, the festival of lights has arrived at last and with it loads of excitement, happiness, fun and thrill. Diwali is not only the festival of lights but it is the celebration of the victory of good, hope and happiness. It’s a festival of young and old alike. Apart from worshipping goddess Lakshmi and Ganesha, this festival is celebrated by lighting candles, diyas and lights all around the houses. Especially for younger generations, diwali is nothing without the fire and shower of crackers which are meant for lightening the darkness of the sky.  In this five-day long diwali festival celebration last day is celebrated as ‘Bhai-Dooj‘.

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Nowadays we generally see that with the arrival of diwali, the sale of fire crackers rises rapidly and with it also raises fire accidents throughout the whole country. We should always keep in mind that diwali is a festival of sharing happiness and joy and we should always ensure that no such incident may occur to destroy the fun and thrill of this festival.

 #Top 5 crackers using tips how to celebrate a safe diwali

Top 5 Crackers Using Tips How to Celebrate a Safe Diwali, green diwali 2014, happy diwali 2014
Keep away your children from crackers
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  1. Tight fitted clothes: While we are burning crackers or lightening diyas, we should always protect ourselves from getting burnt by wearing clothes which fit to our body tightly. Long, flowing garments may cause severe burns. Don’t take risk with it. Wear cotton clothes instead of other fabric and synthetic materials.
  2. Open areas for crackers: Always burn crackers in an open area outside the house. This may seem very simple and easy but there are times when children often start bursting crackers inside home which may cause heavy damages and short circuits. Also, remove all flammable materials from the ground.
  3. Maintain maximum distance: Never try to burst fire crackers in your hands. Stay as much away as possible from the cracker while burning it. Use incense sticks instead of sparkles for the purpose. Move away from the cracker as soon as it catches fire. If you are not sure about its fire, don’t try to go nearer to it and check. It may burst. Sprinkle water on it and dispose.
  4. Keep children, older people and your pets safe: Children should always be kept out of the fire zone. Lock the doors securing the children while going outside. Their ears are sensitive. Use ear buds and cotton plugs for older people and small children to protect their ear drums from loud sounds of the crackers. Pets, especially dogs don’t like loud noises. Some dogs even go mad because of this. Use cotton plugs for them also.
  5. Safety materials and first aid: Keep emergency numbers within your reach. Precaution is always better than cure. Keep buckets of sand and water with you while bursting crackers so that you may protect someone from getting burnt. Don’t apply water, oil or any ointment on the burnt areas of the body. Immediately seek help from the doctor. Avoid using blankets to protect someone; it may cause his/her skin to stick.

I hope that all these  top 5 crackers using tips how to celebrate a safe diwali will help you to preserve some beautiful memories for the upcoming years. This diwali may bring a lot of joys and happiness for you. Use diya’s on this diwali instead of lights and the make the environment  clean and pollution free. So keep away from crackers and make this diwali a ‘Green Diwali’.