Top 5 Common Beauty Mistakes Women Make Unknowingly and their Solutions



Top 5 Common Beauty Mistakes Women Make Unknowingly and their Solutions, beauty mistakes, facial makeup, makeup mistakes, use conditioner, use foundation, use perfume, deepak raghav's tips and tricks
Top 5 Common Beauty Mistakes Women Make Unknowingly

Women are so much careful about their beauty. They do not make any beauty mistake knowingly. They always upto date with their hair, lips to feet. They use so many products to keep their beauty evergreen without knowing it, that it is the right product for their skin and hairs or not. You must take a lot of care to maintain your beauty needs. You need to be attention while choosing and using shampoo, face wash, soap, cream, moisturizer and other beauty products.

Often women do so many mistakes during their make-up. Due to these small mistakes they have to pay heavy penalty. That’s type of beauty mistakes guys hate. If you want special attraction in parties or functions then you must know about these beauty mistakes and their solutions. There are some common beauty mistakes to avoid. So here we are discussing about top 5 common beauty mistakes women make unknowingly and their solutions.

Use conditioner in all over hairs –

Most women use conditioner as like Shampoo in their hair. They do not seem the difference between Shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo clears frozen dust from hairs. But Conditioner cherished the hairs and provides them moisture and strengths. Conditioner should be applied at the tip of the hair Instead of putting on the scalp. Applying conditioner on the scalp hair roots get sticky and hairs look oily.

Solution: Use Conditioner with fingertips starting from the ear to the lower end of the hairs. Hairs get volume through this new conditioner using technique.

Perfume after Well Dressed –

Stains can take on cloths by use of perfume.  When sprayed, perfume interaction happens with body temperature, so the on skin is the right way to use the perfume.

Solution: Spray perfume on your pulse points, such as the wrist, behind the temple and little around the neck before dress up. Do not rub the skin after applying the perfume. The Molecular structure of perfume is broken down.

Use Foundation without Absorb Moisturizer –

Thin layer of facial makeup looks clean due to moisture of moisturizer. If skin soaks up moisturizer so well, and then uses the Foundation, otherwise spots appear on the face.

Solution:  Wait for some time after putting Moisturizer on the skin. Till then when the skins will Absorb Moisturizer well. If you have short of time, and then clean the face with a tissue after Moisturizing, excess oily will out on the face after blotting with a tissue. Then you may want to apply foundation on the face.

Vigorously rubbing bath –

Due to longer vigorously rubbing natural oil of Skin and hair has exhausted.

Solution: For care and proper nutrition of Skin and hair, right Products (shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.) and tools (Lufa, pumice stone, etc.), of good company should be used. This would cause no harm to the skin and hair. According to experts, while taking a shower, use warm water, not hot water.

Excess of Exfoliating –

Exfoliating is one of the best way to maintain your skin – says make-up. But excess of exfoliating can dry out your skin completely. So excess of exfoliating may be dangerous for your skin.

Solution: You should exfoliate once in a week. It sloughs off the dead skin cells and helps to maintain your skin. you should choose a suitable exfoliater that cause no dryness in your skin.

These were the top 5 common beauty mistakes women make unknowingly and their solutions. You should protect your skin from sun damage.