Top 14 Popular Medicinal Uses of Mint Leaves in this Summer

Top 14 Popular Medicinal Uses of Mint in this Summer 2014, mint uses in summer, mint uses for beauty, mint leaves
Popular Medicinal Uses of Mint leaves


Peppermint is good for health, but throughout the year due to digestive and cooling properties is beneficial especially in the summer season. Nowadays 90% of people are upset with stomach problems. The peppermint is the most inexpensive and safe treatment modality. It should be grown in every home. What time it is not required. Neither does it cost to grow it, not labor, nor does it require special care. In the courtyard of the house where the free space around the hand dung compost mixed mint Retile spikenard roots soil water let loose. It is morning or evening, just keeps giving water. It will grow with that. Come learn about popular medicinal uses of mint leaves in this summer. Mint is also use to make mojitos. Mojitos drink is useful in summer. There are so many uses of mint leaves in our daily life. Mint uses in different types of medicine. Mint is also useful for making mint ice-creams. Mint ice-creams are most favourite among girls. Mint is also useful for cooking. It makes your food healthy and tasty. Mint is also useful for beauty. Many of beauty products make by uses of mint. Mint is also most useful for skin diseases. Mint is also useful to make mint sauce.

Here top 14 popular medicinal use of mint leaves in this summer.

  1. If Ups and low in eat in the summer – is complaining of indigestion. Packaged mint leaves, squeeze the juice, drink bit of black salt. It will soon be rid of indigestion.
  2. Mint leaves, black pepper, green pepper, tomatoes, cumin, raisins, make the sauce by grinding asafetida and rock salt. So it’s not just the taste of the food will eat it with food, but a number of food digest easily prevent diseases as well as health and beauty even better. Mint is the best home remedy for skin health.
  3. Often in the summer, vomiting – diarrhea is a problem. It would be better if taken early treatment. Began as soon as the law is terrified, only mint 10-15 grinds the leaves and squeeze the juice pour half a glass of water. Drink two teaspoons of sugar dissolved. Eating yogurt with mint juice and salt will remove the problem.
  4. In the heat of the burning urination or intermittently to come up with is causing the problem. Finely grind coriander and mint leaves, squeeze the juice drained. Sugar dissolved in water mixed with juice drinkers will benefit from similar.
  5. Avoid effect of heat by drinking mint juice can stay. 15-20 mint leaves juice, raisins, sugar, ice and water use.
  6. If Hiccups coming constantly then chewing and suck sugar and mint leaves like betel.
  7. Chewing mint leaves with ginger suck cough.
  8. Burning sensation in the soles of the feet are having grinding handful of mint leaves, place in the refrigerator for some time. Then rub it on the soles.
  9. If you are having heartburn then squeeze juice of mint leaves by grinding with the raw mango. Take it with yogurt or buttermilk mixed with light salt.
  10. If harassing swollen tonsils use mint juice and warm water to gargle.
  11. If poisonous insect bites then use the paste of grinding mint leaves on that part of body and chewing mint leaves and suck like betel.
  12. If Nail – acne and other types of stains – spots on face, extract peppermint leaves juice and mixed with lemon juice and rose water on the face to put to sleep at night daily. In Morning wash face with fresh water. Stained face three to four weeks of regular use – and rose spots will air.
  13. If sour belching is coming then eat grinding mint leaves mix in yogurt and little black salt together.
  14. Black pepper, mint, raisins, cumin, black salt, rock, grinding daily meals eaten with raisins who complain of appetite and digestion capacity he will be away from its regular use will increase.

so don’t waisting your time just try these top 14 popular medicinal use of mint leaves in this summer. There are some simple tips of using mint leaves in summer as well as winter. Mint is also useful for pregnant woman during their pregnancy and also after their pregnancy. Mint is also useful for kids if you use it in their daily diet. Mint is also useful for men and women for perfect skin beauty. Mint is the the perfect home-remedy for health. Different medicinal uses of mint are described above if you have any other use then share with us.