Top 7 Secrets About How To Propose A Girl on Propose Day

Asad proposing Zoya on an airport in Qabool Hai

Hi friends, how are you. I know you are smart, dashing, cool, charming, and handsome. If you are waiting for your life partner but before it you should want to propose a girl.
Flirting, being friends or close friend and also going out on a special date with a girl; all are very different situations from proposing a girl
Oh my god! It’s a very big deal that how to propose a girl. Yes frankly speaking it’s very difficult situation when you are in love and you are so confused that how to propose her. Some questions are generally come in mind that how she reacts when I propose her or she will say yes or no and many different and horrible thoughts come in mind.
You know I am also a lover and true thing is that till some years ago I was a one side lover (please don’t laugh perhaps you will be same as me). I got late and that’s why I failed to propose my love. Then I think and decide that I will help those boys who facing same situation as me.
“Kehte hai gar kisi ko dil se chaho to saari kayanath tumhe usse milane ki koshish me lag jaati hai”
After long time I collected some things those are very-very important to propose a girl. Here top secrets ways helps you to purpose a girl for you. I am not a love guru but I just want to help you. Here we are talk top 7 secrets about how to propose a girl 2014. Believe me they can help you to getting your love surely.
1. Before starting your experiment you should check every details of the girl. This is very important because it will help you to approach a way which will suit her nature.
2. You should know what are the likes and dislikes of her.
3. I know you just can’t wait to propose her. But impatient can some time lead to bad impression or may be chances that she might refuse your proposal.
4. If you done all above requirements than start to do next level
That is to propose the girl which you want to be. Let’s check these some secrets about how to propose a girl

The t-shirt proposal

Buy a plain white round neck t-shirt printed with girl’s name (whom you want to be propose e.g.-zoya), I love you. It’s even better to get creative with the t-shirt message. Wear it inside a shirt or jacket and go to work/ college or wherever it is that you regularly meet your love-interest. Try to catch her alone and reveal your gift to her with a smile. She will accept your proposal.

Propose by banner

Try and get a banner placed in front of her home or her workplace with a message. In this process you may help some of your friends. But remember not to use her real name. You can write what you call her personally.

Propose by sky-writing

If your budget approves, then you can get something written on sky for her. But this should be done only when you are really sure about her. Otherwise may get in trouble.

Propose by alarm

If you can then get her cell phone. Set a reminder for 1 a.m. (i.e. sometime in the middle of the night when she’s sure to be asleep) which says, “Wake up Zoya! Assad loves you!”You can choose this on her birthday.

Propose by giving her a rose

It is one of the most common and successive way to propose a girl. Call her to meet you when she came. Take her to the place where you met each other for the first time. Recreate the same moment and sit on your knees, say “I love you” with giving her a beautiful rose. It’s one of the romantic ways to propose.

Propose by You Tube

Propose her in a romantic way on video and post it on You Tube. Then send her very serious sounding mail with the link and it make it looks as though it contains some work related information. Before sending her check that you have properly insert the matter which you want. Now you can imagine and feel her reaction when she opens it!
top 7 secrets about how to propose a girl 2014

Propose by throwing flowers on her from air

It’s most dramatic way to propose a girl. And also it’s so much expensive. Call her at a lovers point. Don’t reach at same time that you gave her. But don’t be late otherwise you may miss a golden opportunity. Then you have required a glider or a helicopter or anything which can hang you in sky. Then go just above her and spread roses on her with saying…….I love you……..e.g. zoya (girl’s name). And continue this process until she replies that she also loves you. I commit that you will definitely succeed in your hard work.

Remember never ever propose a girl like a baby because the girl’s like those boys who have dare to say “I love you” to her in the crowd of so much peoples. From these top 7 secrets about how to propose a girl 2014 you can choose any one of them and go forward through your mission. And get your love as soon as you want. These tips surely help you know that how to propose a girl on propose day.
Wish you very best and good luck……..
If anybody have better ideas than me than can sent us by e-mail.