Top 7 Secrets How to Make Valentine’s Day so Special


14th February, the valentine day is not as common day in the calendar rather than it is most popular, famous and romantic day for all lovers around the world. It is the day when all lovers come close to each other instead of other days. Many people whom are single since few years get their valentine on this day. This is not by god magic but their honesty and hard-work. If you have your life partner (boyfriend/girlfriend) then it is easy and interesting to celebrate valentine day. But if you are searching your life partner then don’t delay. Just go and tell him/her soon who you love. You can try our proposing secrets to propose your love, it will help you definitely. All lovers eagerly wait for this day all year. They try many different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But if you confused that how to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Many women also confused that how to make Valentine’s Day special for her husband and also husband think same things. So do not worry because here we are providing you top 7 secrets how to make valentine’s day so special.




1. Propose in a romantic way:-

It’s not matter what way you use to propose your love till now. Just try some different ways to propose your love. Propose them on the same place where you first met. Hold him/her hand in your hand and make an eye contact and say……I Love You…. You will see that your partner will surely get impress by it. I know it’s too ordinary but try it once it will gives awesome feelings you ever feel.

     # Top 7 secrets how to make valentine day so special #

2. Spend time with your partner:-

Spend more time with your partner. It will help both you to understand each other. That is must necessary in love. You can go for a holiday weekend with your partner. Try some new places every time.

# Top 7 secrets how to make valentine day so special # 

3. Giving him/her a special gift:-

You can give a special gift to your partner on this Valentine’s Day. Every boy wants to make Valentine’s Day special for girlfriend and also every girl wants to make Valentine’s Day special for her boyfriend. If you are thinking to give some accessories’ like watch, bras late, purse, bangles or any type dress then you should know about their choice. Most of girls are like sweet teddies as a gift. Most of boys are like goggle, mobile, camera etc as a gift.

      # Top 7 secrets how to make valentine day so special #

4. Making a food yourself:-

Instead of going any restaurant you should try to cook some special food for your partner. Decorate your room and give a small but special party to them.

     # Top 7 secrets how to make valentine day so special # 

5. Go for a movie on valentine night:-

If you want to make your valentine night special then you can go for a movie with your partner. It may be an awesome way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

     #Top 7 secrets how to make valentine day so special # 

6. Give a handmade card with a special hug:-

Yes you can give them a handmade card instead of purchase costly greetings. Put a rose with your card in a box and decorate it. Write your heart true feelings about your partner in the card. And give it to them with a special hug or you can say with “jadoo ki jhappi”.

    #Top 7 secrets how to make valentine day so special # 

7. Get marriage with your lover:-

It is the most fantastic or romantic thing which will make this day so much special to both of you. So many lovers get married on this day. One of my uncles also getting marry on this valentine day after one year of their love affair. These are the top 7 secrets how to make valentine day so special.

You can try any one of them or all to make your valentine day so special. Best of luck…… all lovers and Happy Valentine’s Day.

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