Top 5 Secret Tips How to Impress a Girl in Metro

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In my previous articles you read about how to impress a girl in bus or train, how to impress a girl in a shopping mall. Today you come to know about how to impress a girl in metro or metro station. As you know nowadays metro makes our life much closer and faster than previous. If you want to go anywhere you can take metro and reach your destination without waste any time in traffic jam.

Most of young and office going people often use metro more than other. Girls also love to travel in metro. It is because of the luxurious journey and a lot of fun in it. Now you are confused about how to do fun in a Metro journey. There is so much restriction in metro journey that you can’t take picture, can’t eat, can’t sit on the floor and can’t be travel in ladies compartment and so many others. You very well know about that if you ever travel in it.

You so many time see so many beautiful faces in the journey of metro. Sometime thoughts may appear in mind that she would be my girlfriend. Hey stop it before it you should be impress her by your own ideas. But if you are confused that how to impress a girl in metro. Then here on Tracksify, I have thousands of ideas to impress a stranger girl.

Let see top 5 secret tips how to impress a girl in metro.

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Sharukh Khan Trying to Impress Katrina Kaif in Metro (Movie: Jab Tak Hai Jaan)

Concentration on your aim –

If you are going to impress a stranger girl anywhere then you must be concentrate your aim. That mean don’t make your second option until you not succeed in your aim. When you see the perfect girl that you want to be impress, give her full attention. Do this until girl recognize your intentions? But do this thing with single girl. Otherwise you may got in trouble if she has her family or her boyfriend.

Make a perfect eye contact –

The second thing is to make a perfect eye contact when you trying to impress a girl in metro. After selection of girl which you want to be impress. Make a perfect and affecting eye contact. How to make a perfect eye contact with a girl is the trick of boys who very well known about flirting. Look at the girl with full of emotions. Don’t overreact when doing this.

Help her in any manner –

The third and most affecting thing while impressing a girl in metro. You heard about that “If you help somebody God helps you”. This is the right formula you can apply in your situation accordingly. You can help her in getting tickets. You can help her to hold his heavy luggage bag (if she have such). But do this only when she allow you to do this.

Behave like a Gentleman –

Girls only be attract quickly by those people who are like a gentleman. If you have a decent look, well dress but if you don’t behave like a gentleman that is the main reason for a girl to reject your proposal. So it is most important to behave like a well-educated people or like a gentleman. It also makes your personality much better than other guys.

Don’t be Hesitate –

Impress a girl is not the very big deal according to me. But most of boys get hesitate during this. If you really want to impress any stranger girl then you must have dare to face any problem. Look at the girl if she also seeing you then give her a pleasant smile. If she shying then use your last and final move. Talk with gently and ask her to do friendship with you. This will surely place you in her heart for a long time.


So these were the top 5 secret tips how to impress a girl in metro. If you like my ideas then share it with your friends. And if you want to give any suggestion you can comment below. I will definitely work on it.