Hepatitis B Causes, Symptoms, Treatments & Preventions

Hepatitis b, hepatitis b causes, hepatitis b symptoms, hepatitis b best treatments, hepatitis types

What is Hepatitis B?

The people are not aware about it. Hepatitis B is a kind of virus that infects the liver. If a virus causes for a short time and person get better then it is called as acute hepatitis B while if virus causes for a long term infection then it is called as chronic hepatitis B. Sometime it happens that people are having hepatitis B but they are not aware about it, might be they don’t have any symptom and if they do then they feel like that they are having the flu. Moreover, as long as you have virus of hepatitis B in the body, you can spread that virus to others too. It can be spread through the contact of blood from one infected person to normal person.


There are numerous symptoms of hepatitis B, some of them are:

  1. Feeling tired
  2. Dark Urine
  3. Headache
  4. Belly Pain
  5. Feeling sick (stomach pain or vomiting)
  6. Mild Fever
  7. Yellowish eyes or skin

A simple blood test will make you aware that either you have hepatitis B virus or not as well as doctor will also suggest some vaccine to prevent the hepatitis B virus. The people should also know about the hepatitis b symptoms in kids.

Hepatitis b, hepatitis b causes, hepatitis b symptoms, hepatitis b best treatments, hepatitis types
                                              Common Symptoms of Hepatitis B in Kids, & Adults

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Treatments of hepatitis B include:

  1. Antiviral Medications
  2. Liver Transplant
  3. Interferon alfa-2b or Intron A

The best way to discuss with the doctor, doctor will guide you in a proper manner as well as recommend you the hepatitis b best treatments.


The people are always looking for the hepatitis B main causes, hepatitis B virus are transmitted from person to person through semen, blood, or any other fluids. Some of the main causes are:

  1. Sharing of needled
  2. Sexual contact
  3. Accidental needle sticks
  4. Mother to child

Many people are thinking that the hepatitis b is very risky and they have the question that is hepatitis B curable, now with the latest research the new treatment are available with which the treatment of hepatitis B is become possible and with the help of treatment or drugs, it will slow down the liver damaged caused by the hepatitis B virus.

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Hepatitis B Prevention Tips

Hepatitis b, hepatitis b causes, hepatitis b symptoms, hepatitis b best treatments, hepatitis types
Hepatitis B Precaution Tips

Hepatitis B Core antibody is a test for the virus called ‘core antibody’. If the test comes positive then you have been infected with the virus. The people are always look for the answer that how to cure hepatitis B, thus the best way is if you see any symptoms of hepatitis B, consult your doctor first as well as vaccination are also given to protect the body from the virus.

The virus can be transmitted from person to person, so it is advisable to you to take the special care when you are in a public place or in a hospital while taking the treatment. Never use the used needles and the other reason of virus transmission is also the unprotected case. So take precautions while doing the sex.c