Dance Plus 2 Shakti Mohan and Raghav Juyal Love Story : Hi Guys, Here is Deepak Raghav coming a very sensational news for all of you. Have you seen Remo D’Souza Dance Plus show which aired on Star Plus. Yeah you remember. And then you also remember about the Dance Plus 2 Mentor Shakti Mohan and Slow Motion King & Dance Plus 2 Host or Anchor Raghav Juyal love story in season 1. There so many time Raghav proposed Shakti. Shakti also love Raghav nature but she didn’t say yes for his proposal. Raghav and Shakti Relationship news is trending all over the India.

Dance Plus 2 : Raghav Juyal and Shakti Mohan Relationship

But what happen today, Raghav comes with an egg and show it to Shakti and ask is it yours. And a funny moment create for some time. Then Remo sir announce a bet for Raghav. Shakti said to Raghav that If you broke the egg on your head and I will do everything what will you say. And you what happened after that. The lovely boy Raghav hit the egg with his head and egg broken. And you know what Raghav Asked to Shakti after loosing the bet.

Raghav asked Shakti to kiss him 5 times on left chick. Shakti feeling embarrassed after Raghav term. But Then Remo Sir encourage her to do this because she loose the bet. Then Raghav less the kiss from 5 to 3.

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Raghav Juyal and Shakti Mohan Relationship and kissing Image

The beautiful choreographer Shakti Mohan Kissed Raghav Juyal 3 times on Chicks. And you know what is the feeling when a hot girl kiss you. Raghav got emotional after this romantic moment. Raghav and Shakti Relationship story is so much interesting.

Now see what will happen after this. Will Shakti and Raghav love story have a happy ending. Will Shakti Mohan become the girlfriend of Raghav Juyal. Want to know just keep in touch with us.