Brain Tumor- New Vaccine Helps Patient to Fight with Cancer Cells



Brain Tumor- New Vaccine Helps Patient to Fight with Cancer Cells, injection with black background, skull, brain cancer, tumor
Brain Tumor- New Vaccine Helps Patient to Fight with Cancer Cells

There are so many types of tumors that invaded normal brain tissue. But Glioblastoma is one of them fast growing tumor which also invade the normal brain tissue. By such treatments like as chemotherapy and radiation and median survival, Glioblastoma (GBM) is often resistant approximately 15 months from the point of first diagnosis.

But there is good news for ‘Brain Tumor Patients’. New vaccine will form to prevent brain tumors.  Brain tumor is a serious disease, against which all scientists around the world came together to fight. In this regard, the good news is that German scientists have achieved a great success in this direction. To prepare the vaccine for the prevention of brain tumors is claimed.

The National Center for Tumor Diseases Heidelberg of Germany’s team invented the vaccine. At the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, Germany, Michael Platten, a neuron-oncologist and his colleagues have shown in a mouse model of Gliomas that this peptide vaccine induces a mutation-specific immune response and can fight pre-existing tumors. His experiments on mice have been successful.

Scientists hope that brain tumor new vaccine clinical trials will begin next year in Germany. They will test the safety and immunogenicity of the vaccine in newly diagnosed IDH1-mutated Gliomas patients.

According to researchers, the immune system of our body’s natural has ability to fight with cancer cells. But some people cannot be so powerful that the immune system can prevent the growth of tumors. This new vaccine can be made stronger through its natural strength. So the designed vaccine will boost the immune systems and increase its ability to fight off specific proteins that are produced by tumors. This vaccine also works to teach the immune system how to recognize the brain cancer cells as abnormal and attack them.  But the problem is that every brain tumor produces different kinds of proteins, so it’s impossible to know before hand which ones should be included in the vaccine for each individual patient.

Brain tumor treatment new vaccine name of is not finalized till now. Scientists are saying that after some special clinical trials of this vaccine, we’ll try it on brain tumor patient. We surely hope that this new vaccine helps patient to fight with cancer cells. According to this vaccine research scientist Emma Smith told that the brain tumor is rapidly spreading cancer. The success of this experiment would be a boon for patients with brain tumors.