Anushka Sharma Beauty Secrets, Diet Plan, Workout and Fitness Secrets

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Anushka Sharma Beautiful and Romantic Pic

Anushka Sharma (Queen of Hearts), the well known Indian actress who entered into Bollywood in 2008 with her debut movie “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” with “The King of Romance” Sharukh Khan, is now being considered as one of the top most Indian beauties and fitness queen. Anushka Sharma is now seeing in her new movie “PK-The Film” with Aamir Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput. She did a very wonderful role of “Jagat-Janni” (a press reporter) in the movie. Nowadays she seems dating with the famous cricketer “Virat Kohli”. Want to know the secrets behind her sizzling beauty and sexy figure? This article is about Anushka Sharma beauty secrets, diet plan, workout and fitness secrets. Well, it’s a combo between diet plan, exercises and maintenance of Anushka Sharma glowing skin. Here are some of the beauty and fitness secrets of our gorgeous lady Anushka Sharma.

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Anushka Sharma Beauty Secrets:

Anushka Sharma beauty tips

Anushka Sharma in yellow dress with red lipstic on FilmFare Award, Anushka Sharma Beauty Secrets, Diet Plan, Workout and Fitness Secrets, anushka sharma beautiful pics, anushka sharma dress
Anushka Sharma in yellow dress with red lipstic on FilmFare Award

Anushka believes in loving herself and ask her fans to never really follow any celebrity blindly. She is the girl who loves light make up for adorning purposes. She says that detoxifying skin is very important and she uses neem face pack for the same, every week. She uses creamy cleanser and cocoa butter moisturizing lotion before going to bed every night. Anushka Sharma in yellow dress with latest hairstyle in the “FilmFare”. Anushka in an interview by Beauty India Magazine reveals that to stay beautiful, “…one needs to be healthy both in mind and body, tempered with kindness and strong will. I often get to hear that my smile is my best feature. I flash it when I don’t feel beautiful inside.”Anushka Sharma’s smile is so cute and romantic too. Anushka Sharma natural beautiful hair secrets are not hidden from all of you. Anushka Sharma uses ‘clean all clear’ shampoo to wash her natural beautiful hairs and keeps them dandruff free. She daily washes her naturally beautiful hairs after massaging coconut oil, before going to bed to get rid of the makeup and sprays used during shooting. Anushka Sharma latest haircut in PK movie in which she is in short hair getting popular among the girls.  She is a regular user of sunscreens. Anushka Sharma always uses sunscreen of SPF 15, it protects her from sunburn. Anushka’s daily makeup includes a light application of foundation. She usually applies peach coloured eye shadow on her lids and also up to her eyebrows and applies powder under the arch of her brows to highlight it. She uses brown eye pencil for her lower waterline and applies mascara. For the finishing, she generally uses pinky-peach blush to define her wide cheeks and a peach lipstick or lip-gloss for her juicy lips.

Anushka Sharma Diet Plan Secrets:

Like Kareena Kapoor Khan (Bebo) Anushka Sharma also applying size zero diet plan. Anushka recently revealed her diet plan secret. Anushka Sharma strongly depends on homemade food. She also carries homemade lunch with her to the shooting which includes daal, chapattis and vegetable salads. She starts her day with one glass of fruit juice and two egg whites for breakfast and takes six small meals in each day including lime water, coconut water, protein bar, fruits, cheese toast, and other healthy diets. Being self conscious, she gives importance and attention to her diet for maintaining her figure and stays away from junk food which can make her look insipid and unhealthy, according to her. She says that our skin reflects exactly what we feed to our stomach. And our face naturally glows when we bank on wholesome foods. To eliminate all the toxins from her body, she also includes 3-4 liters of water in her daily routine.

Anushka Sharma Workout and Fitness Secrets:

Here are Anushka Sharma’s workout and exercise routine.

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Anushka Sharma Sizzling Hot, Beautiful

Anushka Sharma, being a top Bollywood star rarely finds time for working out and exercises in the morning during her shooting periods but she makes sure for balancing it out by exercising in the evenings. Lots of exercises are included in her fitness secrets. According to her, dance is the best cardio workout. She has embarked on yoga since a very long time for relaxing herself from everyday stress and she says that yoga is also responsible in one way or the other for her glowing skin. She also meditates two times a day to keep herself stress free. When she finds herself away from home for shooting, she somehow manages to find time for jogging. For relaxing, she sleeps for 8-9 hours regularly.

These are the key secrets for the flawless beauty and fitness of our new youth icon, Bollywood star Anushka Sharma.