7 Effective Ways To Improve Your Brain Power by Yoga


Here read about 7 Effective Ways To Boost Your Brain Power by Yoga Poses You Can Do In Bed.

Want to increase your memory here simple way to improve your memories with the help of yoga. There are various natural way in which they can enhance there memory power, concentration and sharpen the skill with the passage of time. Super brain yoga is one of the such type of yoga which actually help to quickly increase your brain power.

Following the list of top 7 yoga asanas to increase the memory and concentration and also improve your memory sharpness.

7 Yoga Posses to Increase Your Brain Power

Here is some yoga posses which can help you to improve your brain power. You also improve your brain power by eating good foods. Yoga is a good exercise which you can do at your home. Try our step to step guide of easy yoga asanas and improve your brain power at home.


Paschimottanasanas helps to increase brain power

How to do
1st step- sit on the floor
2nd step- legs spread straight and hands placed on the floor beside the body
3rd step- bend your body to the forward direct from your hips
4th step- lengthen your tail bone and stretch your hand forward toward your knees. And them relax. Repeat again.